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Welcome to Artistic Woodworks! We are a woodworking company with a passion for quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Our clients know they can trust in us to create custom wood pieces that will stand the test of time. And our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there ” we only use the highest quality materials, like locally sourced American hardwoods and sustainably harvested woods from around the world. Furthermore, our goal is to empower communities through employment opportunities and ensure sustainable production practices at all stages of the process.

At Artistic Woodworks, we pride ourselves on being able to transform nature’s raw materials into unique pieces of art that captivate and inspire the imagination. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we merge modern technology and traditional craftsmanship together to produce one-of-a-kind items like furniture, cabinets, flooring, decks, sculpture and more ” all made using renewable resources. We also believe in giving back to our environment and are proud to be part of multiple green initiatives throughout the United States as well as abroad. Our team is always searching for new ways to make sure each step taken towards creating an exquisite piece of work brings us closer to total sustainability in every sense. To ensure that this is accomplished consistently, our experts inspect every item before it leaves our shop for delivery so that customers get only superior products that meet their exact specifications. Additionally, if requested by a client we can provide free consultation services or help design bespoke pieces as per your liking; so you can make real your vision every step of the way. So go ahead ” let’s create something beautiful together!


Artistic Woodworks was founded in 1975 by two brothers, Edward and Mark Price. After both graduating from Furniture Making school, they opened a modest production shop on a small road near their hometown. At the time, there were only five employees and a handful of tools. The brothers quickly made an impact with the locals through their remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail in their woodworking.

While maintaining strong ties to their roots, the Price brothers quickly expanded Artistic Woodworks through what would become known as “personalized manufacturing”- a revolutionary approach focused on designing, engineering, and customizing high-end furniture for different customers’ individual needs. This approach paid off as the company grew over time, adding more employees and expanding into multiple locations across the country.

By the early 2000s, Artistic Woodworks had cemented its place in history as one of the premier furniture makers in America; each piece of crafted furniture was considered an individual work of art- perfectly unique and entirely made with skilled hands. Today, Artistic Woodwork’s craftsmen are dedicated to upholding its long history of quality craftsmanship while also exploring new avenues of design innovation through cutting-edge tools and techniques”ensuring that each piece is totally unique. Based in Eugene Oregon and staffed primarily by veterans and talented members of their local community, ArtisticWoodwork’s is committed to giving back to those around them every day”donating their time and money to local schools, churches, and charities whenever possible.


Artistic Woodworks is known for its craftsmanship when it comes to creating beautiful furniture and accessories. It all starts with the selection of materials carefully selected from around the world. From local hardwoods, like walnut and cherry, to exotic exotics from Africa and Asia, the wood is hand-selected for its grain pattern, color, and texture. This selection sets the foundation for what will become an incomparable piece of furniture.

Once this foundation is in place, the craftsmen at Artistic Woodworks begin their work. They use traditional joinery methods as well as special techniques such as dovetailing and mortise-and-tenon joints to turn each piece of wood into a one-of-a kind masterpiece. The attention to detail that goes into this process ensures that each piece of furniture made by Artistic Woodworks will last generations.

The finishing touches are where artistry takes center stage. Finishing options include various types of finishes including oil based stains, reactive dyes and waxes to highlight the natural beauty of the woodgrain and create a look that can only be described as timeless. The skilled craftsmen at Artistic Woodworks use their expertise to rub, scrape, wax and polish each piece until it has attained a perfect sheen without losing any of its unique character or individuality.

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The commitment and skill that goes into every piece of furniture crafted by Artistic Woodworks shows through with each item made: no two pieces are ever exactly alike. The dedication these skilled artisans have for the craft sets them apart from other manufacturers in the way they take pride in providing heirloom quality pieces built to withstand generations of love and use. They believe that true quality lies not merely in how something looks but in how it’s been made: with thoughtfulness, precision and heart – all hallmarks of artistic craftsmanship truly appreciated by anyone lucky enough to own an item made by Artistic Woodworks

Notable Projects

From country estates to quaint abodes, Artistic Woodworks has crafted some of the most stunning pieces in exquisite interiors. Take a look at notable projects that the company has worked on to get an insight into their striking craftsmanship.

At Manhattan’s well-known specialty store, Olive & June, Artistic Woodworks designed custom built furniture pieces for the shop’s decor. Utilizing Whitewood and White Oak from the Appalachian Mountains, they created 16-foot tables and counters with artisan finishes that really made the interior shine. With these pieces now part of the logo, check out Artistic Woodworks’ contribution to make this place even more special.

In Kennett Square, PA, Artistic Woodworks created a series of outdoor cabanas for a private residence. The roof was crafted with cedar shingles to emulate traditional craftsman style while giving the structure longevity when exposed to humid weather conditions. These were placed around two man-made ponds held up by custom masonry walls and rustic steel supports. Guests are still calling it one of the most beautiful non-residential places they’ve ever visited!

For another residential project in Wilmington, Delaware, Artistic Woodworks stole the show with its entryway design. Utilizing Weathered Grey Oak planks from Pennsylvania’s finest sawmills combined with classic Shaker style elements, this grand entry booth welcomed residents and guests alike into a world of grandeur and simplicity in perfect harmony. From yard to entryway, this was truly an impressive exercise in combining modern design with classic materials and craftsmanship!


Artistic Woodworks is a specialty woodworking business that has been creating incredible pieces for over 10 years. Their team of artisans are masters in the craft, taking great pride in the quality of their work. They specialize in both large and small scale projects, with every piece being crafted to exacting standards to ensure client satisfaction.

At Artistic Woodworks, they understand that each and every client has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their custom woodworking project. This is why they take the time to truly get to know the customer before even beginning a project. They listen to their clients’ desires, learning about what style matches their taste, what design speaks best for their home or office, and of course budget constraints. Artistic Woodworks will then use this information to create a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly reflects their client’s vision.

Throughout the process, Artistic Woodworks makes sure every aspect of their customer’s experience is as seamless and worry-free as possible. From initial consultation through product delivery, they provide excellent customer service ensuring all questions are answered and expectations met. After final delivery and installation of the finished piece, Artistic Woodworks remains available should any future issues arise; providing technical support if necessary or additional customization should any changes occur with design down the line.

Ultimately, Artistic Woodworks goal is reflected in their strap line: Beautiful products created with impeccable attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service – always exceeding expectations with nothing short of perfection!


At Artistic Woodworks, we strive to be an eco-friendly business by integrating sustainable practices into our operations. We adhere to strict environmental standards in every step of the production process ” from the procurement and processing of wood, to manufacturing and final product delivery.

We take logging and processing seriously and only select wood sources that are certified as legal, sustainable and reliable. All of our manufacturers also apply stringent control systems within their operations to ensure that the timber is sustainably sourced before it gets processed by Artistic Woodworks into products. We also collaborate with responsible logging suppliers who employ fair wages and proper working conditions while they provide us with quality raw materials.

To further minimize our own impacts on the environment, we have implemented numerous green initiatives throughout our company’s operations. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to run efficiently while generating minimal waste from sawdust, scraps, or any other leftover production material. We then recycle timber residues back into factory fuel or use it for composting purposes, helping us achieve a balance between efficiency and environmental friendliness. Additionally, Artistic Woodworks promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions when delivering our products ” such as using biodiesel powered trucks or collaborating with companies that specialize in green shipping solutions.

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We believe that it’s never too late to start making positive changes for the environment so we are committed to continuing our efforts towards sustainability while remaining competitively priced with traditional woodworks services.


At Artistic Woodworks, we understand that quality is key when it comes to delivering top-tier products for our customers. To ensure that our projects adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship, we only employ experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge in working with wood. We also invest in a wide range of tools and equipment from leading suppliers to guarantee the precision of our workmanship. Further, all materials used are sourced from reliable vendors, so our customers can feel confident that their project will be completed with quality in mind.

Aside from paying close attention to the materials used and employing experienced professionals, we go one step further by offering free inspections and consultations throughout the duration of the project. We believe this is essential for making sure that each piece meets or exceeds expectations by providing a thorough assessment at multiple stages of production – from design to installation. Moreover, our team of experts regularly review project designs and plans to make sure they are up-to-date and correctly reflect the needs of our clients. As such, we are able to quickly identify any issues before they become too problematic. Finally, once a project is complete, quality assurance tests are performed to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Expert Testing

At Artistic Woodwork, we test every aspect of our projects to ensure a high level of quality control. Here are the steps we take:

1. Designing: All designs created by Artistic Woodworks are based on the specific needs of the customer. They are drawn up and meticulously tested by engineers to ensure they meet all safety and quality standards before being sent to production.

2. Materials: Only top grade materials sourced from reliable suppliers are used in our projects. Samples from each batch of materials we receive is tested for strength and durability before use in any project.

3. Craftsmanship: Our experienced team of skilled craftsmen bring exceptional attention to detail when constructing our works, ensuring that each cut is precise, flush, and uniform for an aesthetically pleasing end result that meets the highest standard of quality possible.

4. Finishing: To achieve eye-catching finishes for our pieces, each layer of paint or stain is applied with great care and just enough force so as not to harm the material underneath it. The finished product is examined thoroughly for evenness before being packaged ready for shipping or display.


Artistic Woodworks stands out in the world of woodworking thanks to its unique combination of quality and customization. From intricate one-of-a-kind pieces, to beautiful furniture beautified with impeccable attention to detail; Artistic Woodworks offers a wealth of options tailor made to satisfy every client’s needs. Their use of cutting-edge technology, allowing for precise measurements and exacting standards, guarantees a perfect fit every time. They take pride in providing excellent customer service with direct communication between the customer and craftsman. This ensures that customers have the opportunity to customize their product exactly the way they want it. There is also an abundance of choice from stunning hardwoods and high quality finishes, so clients can always find something that will perfectly match their vision. Finally, all deliveries are completed at minimal cost with hassle free shipping and on time delivery availability; ensuring complete satisfaction during every step of the process. These qualities make Artistic Woodworks a standout name in woodworking!

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