Bessey Woodworking Vise


The Bessey woodworking vise is one of the best woodworking vises available today. It is strong and robust, built with heavy-duty cast iron for maximum stability and durability. Its quick-release mechanism allows you to quickly adjust the width between its solid jaws, and its 90-degree swiveling base allows it to be used in a variety of positions. It also features hardwood faces on each jaw that prevent workpieces from slipping while being worked upon. Additionally, its anvil section provides a flat surface that allows users to easily secure their pieces while they are working. Furthermore, the vise’s deep throat design permits it to work with pieces that measure up to 12 inches wide (30 cm), adding even more flexibility and versatility. Finally, rubber pads on the jaws prevent marking or marring of delicate materials during use. All in all, the Bessey woodworking vise is superior when compared to other vises due to its strong construction material and added features such as quick release, swivel base, anvil section, deep throat design, and protective pads on the jaws.

Vise Types & Uses

The Bessey Woodworking Vise is an essential and versatile tool for a wide variety of woodworking projects. Made from durable cast iron, it offers long-lasting stability and reliability that you can count on. It can be used in different capacities as a clamp, too: when upright in a drill press or similar setting, it allows you to hold your piece firmly while drilling; when laying flat on a bench or tool table, it provides additional stability for gluing, sanding and other operations. And with a throat depth of 3-3/4” and maximum jaw width of 4-1/2”, it offers more than enough room to fit some of the bigger pieces without problem. For added convenience, the vise comes equipped with a quick-action cam lever for easy adjustments ” simply turn the handle for an effortless control over your workholdings. Moreover, its integrated rotating pipe jaws allow you to work with 0 -90 degree angled stock without fear of slippage. Altogether this makes the Bessey Woodworking Vise ideal for any type of project you may need such as drilling into rougher material like lumber or metal bar stock, edge trimming or routing large objects such as boards & panels. The possibilities are virtually limitless! With its rugged construction, multi functional capabilities and adjustable properties, this vise will become a great asset to your workshop on any job site or hobbyist den; providing secure grip every single time!

What to Get for Woodworker

Accessories & Tools

The Bessey woodworking vise is a versatile and highly-effective tool for creating the best possible results from any woodworking job. With its innovative design, it allows the user to modify or secure larger pieces of wood that would be impossible to grip with other types of vises. This makes it perfect for beginner and advanced level projects alike, as the user can get creative and detailed in their approach.

In addition to the Bessey vise’s main feature of being able to securely grip large pieces of wood, there are many accessories and tools available that make using a Bessey even more effective. Woodworkers often find great success in using holdfasts and clamps which help keep the workpiece in place while cutting or drilling. Other accessories like wax sticks, scrapers, chisels and marking gauges can all add precision when making intricate details in a project. With enough practice and experience using these tools, users will find themselves consistently producing beautiful results with their Bessey.

Demonstrations & Tutorials

The Bessey Woodworking Vise is an essential tool for any woodworker. It lets you securely hold materials in place while you work, allowing you to cut and shape your pieces with accuracy and precision. Although it looks intimidating at first, the Bessey Woodworking Vise is easy to use once you understand the basics. To help woodworkers learn how to use their Bessey Vises, there are plenty of tutorials and demonstrations available online. From beginner basics to advanced techniques, these videos provide hands-on instruction for every skill level. Whether you’re a novice or experienced user, these resources can help make sure that your vise serves as an indispensable part of your shop setup. With enough practice and guidance from these videos, anyone can learn how to get the most out of their Bessey Vise.

Tips & Tricks

The Bessey Woodworking Vise is designed to help you work smarter and faster on any woodworking project. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your Bessey vise.

First, pay attention to the instructions included with your new Bessey vise to make sure it’s installed correctly. This is an important step in order to get the best results when using your vise. Once installed securely, make sure that all of the components are tight, as this will ensure maximum performance out of your vise and prevent slippage or other issues due to shaking or vibration.

What Do You Call A Woodworking Project?

Another great tip for utilizing your Bessey vise optimally is understanding your material and what type of jaws are best suited for it. Softwood materials require different jaw settings than hardwood materials, so familiarizing yourself with the specific characteristics of each type is essential for getting the most precision from your work piece.

Lastly, keeping your vise clean and free from debris after every use is key for proper care and maintenance. Cleaning off oil, sawdust, and other shavings will extend the life of the product and keep it functioning it at peak performance levels throughout its lifetime.


The Bessey Woodworking Vise is an incredibly useful and versatile tool for any carpenter or woodworker to have in their arsenal. It can be used for difficult clamping tasks such as edge gluing, flattening boards, sawing joinery, and more. In addition to its versatility, the vise is made of high-quality steel that ensures a strong grip at all times and precision when lining up angled joints. The range of jaw lengths available allows you to choose the one best suited to your needs. It also features a quick-release lever that provides easy repositioning and installation on various types of surfaces.

Overall, the Bessey Woodworking Vise is an investment worth making. The super-grip steel jaws make it possible to complete complex projects with tremendous precision and accuracy without slipping or becoming misaligned. Plus, the quick-release lever simplifies setup time and reduces stress on your hands as you won’t have to manually turn knobs or levers as often. Furthermore, due to its robust build quality and exceptional design, this vise will remain reliable for many years to come with proper maintenance habits applied. Whether you’re just getting started in woodworking or are a veteran crafting intricate pieces by hand”the Bessey Woodworking Vise will make an invaluable addition to your workshop!

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