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Choosing the best woodworking books in 2020 involves considering a few key aspects. For starters, it’s important to consider your skill level when selecting a woodworking book. If you’re just getting started with woodworking, you might want to look for books that teach complete beginners the basics and offer easy-to-follow instructions for making projects like furniture or small decorative objects. More experienced woodworkers will likely find more value in books that focus on specific techniques or materials. You should also take the author into account — the best authors usually have plenty of experience in the craft and know how to communicate complex subjects clearly. Additionally, consider how much time is available to actually put into your projects; some books require long, detailed assembly times while others are designed to create completed objects with smaller amounts of work. Finally, be sure to check out customer reviews and ratings before choosing a book — they’ll let you know what other readers think about different titles and can help narrow down your list of likable options.

Best Beginner-Friendly Woodworking Books

If you’re a beginner to woodworking, finding the best books to help you get started can be an overwhelming task. To make it easier, here are some of the top rated and most popular books for beginners in 2020:

1. The Complete Guide to Woodwork by Robert Wearing – As the title suggests, this book offers an easy-to-understand guide that covers the fundamentals of woodworking, from choosing your materials and tools to constructing furniture with detailed diagrams and instructions. It also offers advice on working safely and tips on choosing the right finishes for your projects.

2. Woodworkers Bible by Editors of Popular Woodworking – This reference book is designed as a one-stop shop for all woodworking needs and knowledge. Inside you’ll find wood selection guides as well as tips on cutting, joining, and finishing wood. Plus, there’s helpful project plans included in this book to help kickstart your next build.

3. Mastering Hand Tools by Chris Schwarz – Focusing more on traditional hand tools than power tools, this guidebook covers almost every major hand tool used in modern woodworking from how to choose them correctly and how to use them efficiently with detailed illustrations that show exact measurements for proper use. Additionally, it provides advice on sharpening blades and storing tools correctly when not in use.

4. Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets by Jim Tolpin – This manual is focused solely on creating traditional kitchen cabinets using hand tools instead of power tools found in many books today; it even touches upon which woods are best suited for cabinets properly depending upon their final destination within the home or office space they’re being placed into (for example humidity). With illustrated steps as well as simple explanations, this guide can assist even those without significant background knowledge in cabinet building when followed step-by-step while providing insights such as mistakes commonly made by novice builders so they can avoid pitfalls from the start.

Best Books for Developing Advanced Woodworking Skills

If you’re looking to further your woodworking skills and take them to the next level, then these books are a great place to start. They will help improve your knowledge in a variety of areas, from furniture making and joinery techniques to finishing styles and design processes. From detailed plans for intricate projects to expert advice on techniques, structure, shellac application, and upholstery, these books cover a wide range of topics. For those who want to develop their craftsmanship beyond the basics, these guides will show the next steps in creating classic pieces from renowned brands such as Chippendale and Shaker. Crosscut saws and table saws, mortise-and-tenon joints, planing techniques — these books teach all of this plus much more with an emphasis on gaining not just surface diversity but structural integrity as well. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran of woodworking these titles provide the inspiration and step-by-step guidance needed when taking your craftsmanship up another notch.

List Of Basic Tools For Woodworking

Best Woodworking Project Books

The best woodworking project books of 2020 can be a great resource for those just getting into woodworking or more experienced woodworkers looking to step up their skills. These books cover an array of topics, from technical how-to guides to inspiring stories about master craftsmen. What’s more, each selection has its own unique style, so regardless of your familiarity with the craft there’s something for everyone in this collection.

From detailed step-by-step plans that help you make anything from kitchen cabinets and chests to rocking chairs, to hand tool guides on how to sharpen blades and chisels – these are the best woodworking project books to consider adding to your collection in 2020. Notable authors like Aaron Nelson, Madeleine Meeks, and Shawn Austin have created new works that put even the most traditional designs into a modern context and provide tips to increase project accuracy and reduce waste during every step of the process.
Looking for ideas? The Best Woodworking Project Books of 2020 offer projects that are both classic favorites and one-of-a-kind creations that will stretch your imagination. Everything from desks crafted out of uncommon woods such as burr oak and driftwood gray oak, to lumber projects featuring eco-friendly reclaimed materials and stumpy tree trunks – these books bring you some truly stunning works while also teaching vital skills such as precise measurements and assembly instructions.

Best Woodworking Books to Help You Push the Boundaries

2020 was a year of unprecedented activities and challenging times, but it also opened the doors to woodworking projects that enabled creative thinkers to push beyond their normal comfort zone and create amazing pieces of furniture. If you are looking to breathe new life into your woodworking skills, then the best woodworking books in 2020 provide you with the guidance and latest techniques that you need.

From beginner’s guides to advanced tutorials covering everything from classic joinery methods to modern machinery operations, the top books for 2020 can help even the most experienced craftsman expand their knowledge base. With detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions, some of these books even provide helpful tips and tricks from professionals so that novices can learn from their experience as well. The best books for 2020 come stocked full of projects ranging from small items such as wooden toys for children to larger ones like beds, chairs, and tables. Whether you’re interested in designing intricate patterns or learning advanced finishing methods; there is certainly a book out there to give your skills an extra edge!

Best Tool Reference Books for Woodworkers

Woodworking is a skill that can be both tricky and rewarding. Proper instruction and proper technique can lead to great works of art, but the wrong information or lack of understanding about how a tool functions could result in disasters. To avoid those disasters, woodworkers new and experienced should consider having specific woodworking reference books in their library.

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There are many different types of woodworking books available. Some focus on the tools themselves and provide detailed instructions on how to use each tool safely, while others provide information on crafting techniques and projects. From learning to use hand tools like chisels and rabbets to using power tools like scroll saws or joiners, these books will serve as excellent references for anyone who wants to discover the craft of woodworking. There are even books that teach how to design furniture plans and jigs for shaping lumber for more precise cuts.

No matter what level of experience a woodworker might have, there’s bound to be an essential reference book which will help them grow as a craftsman or woman. For instance, novice woodworkers could benefit from buying beginner’s guides while intermediate-level carpenters may want to pick up intermediate guides on techniques such as routing or planing with hand planes. Advanced carpentry enthusiasts should look into specific reference materials diving deep into topics ranging from joinery methods such as lap joints or dovetail joints to finishing treatments like applying dyes and stains. These are just some examples – there’s certain to be a book out there covering nearly every aspect of modern day woodworking knowledge!

Best Online Resources for Woodworkers

For those looking for the best online resources for woodworking, there are a variety of sources available to choose from. An excellent place to start is YouTube where you can find great tutorials on how to build specific projects as well as unique techniques for creating interesting pieces.Another great source is Reddit Woodworking and Woodnet where you can find an active forum of passionate woodworkers who can answer questions and offer advice. For project ideas, Pinterest can provide numerous inspirational boards full of designs that could be adapted to suit anyone’s needs. Additionally, websites like Instructables have free downloadable plans that can be tailored to your skill levels and tools available. Finally, if you want access to reliable information, books are still a great resource; the top woodworking book reviews list some of the best woodworking books of 2020 which will also help expand your skills and knowledge.


When choosing a woodworking book, it is important to think about the level of expertise of yourself or the person who will be using it. Beginners should look for books that start with basic concepts and provide clear instruction on how to use and handle tools. Intermediate and advanced woodworkers can benefit from books focused on specific projects, instruction, or techniques. Additionally, take into consideration pictures and diagrams included in the book; some woodworking books may offer more detailed visuals than others for the same project. Before you purchase a woodworking book, make sure to read reviews from other carpenters with similar experience levels to ensure that you are making an informed decision. Finally, once you have purchased your book test out some of the tips and advice provided in order to gain experience. Doing so will help you become an expert woodworker quickly!

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