Gifts For Woodworkers 2020


Woodworking is a great hobby for many people, and it can be even more enjoyable with the right tools. With the abundance of options on the market today, finding the perfect gift for your favorite woodworker can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a beginner-friendly tool or something more advanced, there are gifts that will help make their projects easier and more successful. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best gifts for woodworkers in 2020. They range from beginner to expert level tools, so you’re sure to find something to meet your needs.

From hand planes and electric saws to specialty equipment like jointers and router tables, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding gifts for woodworkers in 2020. For power tools, look for cordless models with multiple speed settings, precise cutting blades and automatic feed features. For Hand Tools, think about quality brands like Stanley which offer options such as block planes, chisels and coping saws that allow a precise finish on any project big or small. Other popular accessories like marking gauges, sharpening stones and workbenches are also essential pieces of equipment that any serious woodworker should have. For more experienced carpenters, there are more complex tools such as biscuit joiners for making precise cuts and biscuit slots on any type of lumber or material cutout project. Finishing supplies such as stains and varnishes are another great way to give the professional look at any level of skill or craftsmanship. Lastly, don’t forget about safety supplies; dust face masks; gloves; safety glasses; ear security muffs; hard hats etc., will help keep your favorite wood worker safe as well as making their job easier in case an accident occurs while working with timber or materials.

Essential Tools for Woodworkers

Even the most experienced and talented woodworkers need the right tools to create amazing pieces. Some key essential tools for any great woodworking project include a power saw, drill, sander, chisels, and clamping devices such as C-clamps. A hand plane is also a necessity if precise surfaces need to be achieved in a hurry. Other great gifts could include specialized router bits, planes with quality blades, wooden jigs, clamps of various shapes and sizes, marking gauges and carving knives. Power tools such as routers come in many varieties including items such as grinders, bandsaws and jointers that can help get the job done faster. Finally make sure woodworkers are safe with protective glasses and ear-protectors when necessary.

Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

Gifts for beginner woodworkers can include basic tools such as a hammer, jigsaw, drill, saw, sandpaper blocks, utility knife, and clamps. Additionally, they might enjoy receiving items like an advanced power drill with various attachments to use on their projects. Handheld tool boxes that contain multiple items are also great gifts for beginning woodworkers since it helps them keep all of their tools organized in one place. More experienced woodworkers would likely appreciate items such as router bits or tools designed to help them perfect their craft. They might also find power saws that have multiple features useful and helpful in creating their projects. Gift cards to local hardware stores or specialty lumber yards or shops are also great choices since they will be able to purchase exactly what they need for any particular project.

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Projects for Intermediate Woodworkers

2020 is the perfect year for trying something new! If you’re an intermediate woodworker, try giving yourself gift of a new project. There are so many great possibilities out there and it’s a great way to explore your craft and work on something special. Consider making a jewelry box, desk organizer, or bookends with intricate inlay designs. Create a rod and stone wall art piece or a hand-turned bowl. You could also get in the holiday spirit by carving holiday decorations such as stars, snowflakes, Santas, Christmas trees or reindeer. Build a shuffleboard table for extra fun during the colder months, sand down some driftwood for unique display pieces, or make some rustic furniture like Adirondack chairs or shelves. The possibilities are endless! Whatever project you decide to do this year, let your creativity flow and have fun with it!

Projects for Advanced Woodworkers

Advanced woodworkers may enjoy tackling projects that are a bit more complicated than the beginner or intermediate level. When looking for unique gift ideas, think of things beyond the basic tools and materials found in many woodworking shops. Consider getting a woodworker something to inspire creativity and help take their skill levels even further. Here are some great gifts for advanced woodworkers in 2020:

1. Router Table: This is an invaluable tool for precise cuts and accurate joinery. A router table can help your favorite woodworker take their projects from good to truly exceptional with creative edge-work and detailed accents.

2. Band Saw: Band saws provide maximum control for finer details like cutting intricate curves, spirals, and other shapes”perfect for creating stylish cabinets or furniture with wow factor!

3. Auto-Adjusting Clamps: Help speed up joinery work with these pneumatic clamps, which self adjust based on the size of similar material you’re clamping together; no need to waste time measuring distance!

4. Miter Gauge System: Upgrade any miter saw with a miter gauge system to keep angles precise throughout any project, even those long ones involving multiple cuts in multiple directions over several hours!

5. Biscuit Joiner: Perfectly align boards that must fit together accurately with a biscuit joiner; they provide simpler joining options than traditional joints like dowels or dovetails yet still look great!

6. Down Draft Sanding Table: Achieve ultra-smooth finishes with this specialized sanding table, allowing dust and debris to collect into a bin instead of creating rough spots due to airborne particles!

Potential Gifts for Woodworkers

The gift options for a woodworker are endless. If you are looking to provide something special, consider giving high-quality tools like miter saws and drills. Or, give an organizer that will help them stay organized in the workshop. Alternatively, provide them with some unique supplies such as specialty glue or exotic veneers that they can use to build beautiful furniture pieces. There are also more personalized options available such as custom signs or engraved cutting boards they can display in their home or shop. Finally, if the woodworker is into restoration furniture, why not get them a lamp kit so they can add beautiful lighting to any piece? There are endless possibilities for gifting woodworkers this year!

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Gift Idea Considerations

When it comes to gifts for woodworkers 2020, there are many great options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a functional item for their own workspace or something to decorate with in the home, these ideas will help make this holiday special.

Tools: A new saw, router or drill will surely take pride of place in any woodworker’s workshop. You could also go one step further and invest in some specialty tools such as a mortiser, biscuit joiner or clamps that would really make a difference in their craft.

Storage: Creating personal storage solutions is always important when it comes to organizing the space in any shop. Consider custom-sized tool boxes or shelves with dividers that the person can customize depending on their needs. It’s also practical and unique!

Safety Gear: Most people tend to forget how important safety gear is while working with a lot of tools and hazardous materials. Buy something like gloves, goggles, protective shoes and dust masks to ensure the person’s safety while they work.

Apparel: Gifting apparel can be a bit difficult since you never know what size fits them best. But some items like sweatshirts, hats and beanies are adjustable depending on what their style might be. Other good choices may include Aprons and t-shirts featuring print from fellow woodworkers associated with popular YouTube channels.

Books: Books can be fascinating gifts for woodworkers 2020; especially providing them with more insight about their craft on topics ranging from basic safety tips to technique instructions for turning beautiful pieces on the lathe.. Plus it gives them something else to do when they’re taking a break from working!

Wrapping it Up

2020 was a tough year for many people, but thankfully it gave us the opportunity to offer unique gifts to those that appreciate crafting unique wooden items. Whether they are a beginner or an old pro, we have compiled the perfect presents for woodworkers to express your appreciation and celebrate their journey. We laid out the basics such as jigs and saws, then tailored choices specifically for beginners, experienced woodsmen and DIY furniture makers. There was something special for everyone this year! With outdoor entertainment options limited, these gifts have helped bring friends closer together, strengthen bonds through shared joy and families reconnecting with each other as they try crafting in a safe environment. As 2021 kicks off, let’s all take a moment to reflect on all the good from 2020 brought us and recognize our colleagues and family members who stepped up their game with craftsmanship over this past year. In the world of woodworking there is no limit to what one can create if they can think it up; let’s all give thanks for another momentous year of bringing craftsman’s ideas alive!

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