Woodworking Machinery Auctions Near Me


Woodworking Machinery Auctions Near Me provide buyers with a wonderful opportunity to acquire the tools they need for their home woodworking projects. With a wide selection of woodworking machines and accessories available, buyers can get exactly the item they are looking for at a fraction of the cost. Buying at an auction means buyers have a chance to compare multiple items, view details and pictures of each piece before deciding on which one is right for them. In addition, they may be able to bid in person or online to ensure they obtain the best bargain. With so many options available, it pays off to take advantage of these auctions in order to acquire quality products at competitive prices.

What Types of Woodworking Machinery Can You Find at an Auction?

You can find a variety of woodworking machinery at auctions, including saws, planers, jointers, lathes and more. Different types of saws are available for auction such as circular saws, band saws and miter/table saws. Planers are also available that are used to smoothen out rough surfaces on wood pieces. Other tools may also be sold such as routers, chisels and sanders. Depending on the type of auction and what is for sale you may also find specialized tools such as tenon jigs and mortising machines. You could also find compressors, drills and various other power tools used in woodworking tasks.

Benefits of Attending a Woodworking Machinery Auction

Attending a woodworking machinery auction can be a great way for those interested in is craft to get the tools and equipment they need at discounted prices. There are several benefits of attending a woodworking machinery auction, including:

1) Ability to View Tools: Attending an auction allows people to inspect the tools up close and in person so they know exactly what they are bidding on. Being able to see the condition of each tool before making a purchase can help avoid buying something that is faulty or in need of repairs.

2) Bargain Prices: As with any auction setting, there is always an opportunity to find great deals on woodworking machines and other items. Since many auctions start their bids at low prices and have no reserve fees, it is possible to walk away with high-quality items at great prices. In addition, there may even be rare items offered (e.g. vintage pieces) that may not often be seen in traditional stores or shops.

3) Networking Opportunities: Auctions are also excellent opportunities for networking with other like-minded individuals who share similar interests in woodworking and tools. Being able to discuss techniques, best practices, as well as upcoming projects with fellow attendees can help grow one’s knowledge base and increase the chances of success with any venture involving woodworking machines or power tools.

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Tips for Inspecting Woodworking Machinery at an Auction

When inspecting woodworking machinery at an auction, it’s essential to take the time to look closely and ask questions to determine the condition of the equipment. It’s best to inspect each piece in person if possible, as photos can deceive or be outdated.

Here are some useful tips when inspecting machines:

• Make sure to check for any cosmetic damage or signs of wear and tear, including scratches, dents or rust.
• Inspect both the external and internal parts for any signs of damage or malfunctioning.
• Check for signs of regular maintenance like oil changes, lubrication or power washings.
• Carefully examine hardware aspects such as hinges, screws and fasteners. Ensure that all necessary components are in good working order and replace ones that are not.
• Make sure operational controls are complete and all settings function properly; note any parts that need sharpening, replacement, adjustment or repair.
• Don’t forget to test safety features on the machinery such as proper guards and attached emergency stop buttonsor other devices required by OSHA regulations.

Essential Tips for Making Bids at a Woodworking Machinery Auction

Woodworking machinery auctions offer a great opportunity to find top quality equipment at discounted prices. If you’re interested in making bids at one of these auctions, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Do Your Research: Make sure that you research the auction and the items being sold carefully. Read the condition reports on all the equipment to determine their current condition and value. This will enable you to make more informed decisions on which lots to bid on, and how much to bid for them.

2. Set a Budget: Before attending the auction, set a budget that you feel comfortable with, and then stick to it no matter what. It’s important that you don’t get carried away with bidding!

3. Prepare For Bidding: Once you have an item picked out, organize your bids ahead of time so that when it comes time for the auction, you can make your bid quickly and confidently.

4. Inspect In Person: Whenever possible, be sure to physically inspect the woodworking machinery prior to placing any bids. This way you can verify its condition yourself and check for any potential hidden issues or mechanical problems before committing to a purchase price.

5. Be Patient: Don’t be afraid to wait for an item if there is competition for it and don’t let other people’s offers affect your decision-making process too much. Auctions tend to drag on longer than expected so patience is key!

6. Have Fun: Finally, remember that auctions can be fun”if they are approached in the right frame of mind! Keep an open mind when looking at items and stay positive throughout; even if things don’t quite work out as planned in terms of winning particular lots – there’s always next time!

How to Locate Woodworking Machinery Auctions Near You

Woodworking machinery auctions provide an opportunity to purchase used woodworking equipment from others who have changed careers or have upgraded their shop and need to sell their older woodworking tools. These auctions can be a great way to find quality woodworking machines at discounted prices. The key is knowing where to locate these auctions near you.

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One of the first steps in locating woodworking machinery auctions is to do an online search for “woodworking machinery auction” close to where you live or work. Doing a general search will quickly pull up listings from all around you, usually with contact information and some details about the particular auction. You can also find specialized websites devoted exclusively to woodworking auctions near you, which can make searching and compiling lists of upcoming auctions much easier.

Another option is to look into local trade magazines centered on the woodworking industry that may list upcoming machinery sales and any other related auctions in your area, including items like air compressors, saws, routers and more useful for professionals. If possible, visit a showroom dealership of one of the big national brands selling new equipment like Delta, Dewalt or Makita as they often will have trade-in programs and know about any deals offered locally in their region or community area.

Lastly, take time to network with other woodworkers both online and offline by asking friends or colleagues if they know of any such events coming up in your community. Local libraries may also be helpful as they often stock print ads of forestry related goods that could include discounts just for members of certain associations as well as special offers ” it never hurts to call inquire!


Attending a woodworking machinery auction is an excellent opportunity to find everything a woodworker needs, from routers to saws, drills, and chisels. With so many options all in one place, it is important to know how to make the most out of your experience. Start by doing your research ahead of time so that you know what to look for when shopping for machinery. Have questions prepared for the item sellers at the auction. Examine each piece before bidding and ask questions about condition and features so that you are confident with your purchase when the auction closes. Don’t be afraid to talk shop with other attendees; they may have tips or ideas that could be extremely helpful as well. Lastly, pay attention to the auctioneer because they will guide you through the process from start to finish and make sure that everyone has a great experience. Following these simple steps can ensure that you find all that you need from a woodworking machinery auction near me!

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