Cary Woodworking

Introduction to Cary Woodworking

Cary Woodworking is a family-owned wood furniture manufacturer that has been in business since 1984. Founded by two brothers, Cary Smith and Charles Smith, the company was inspired to produce luxurious, timeless pieces of wooden furniture.

Since then, the company has achieved many milestones to become the well-known brand it is today. The company began with only 8 employees making simple home furnishings but have grown to over 200 employees who are responsible for crafting more intricate items such as dining tables and chairs, cabinets and bookcases. They also offer custom furniture designs to meet the unique needs of their customers as each project is crafted with great care from hand-selected materials sourced from all over the world.

Cary Woodworking also specializes in modern, contemporary styles made from traditional woods like cherry, oak and mahogany as well as exotic woods like bubinga and zebrawoods.. They pride themselves on providing quality craftsmanship that can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Success Story

Cary Woodworking is an established business located in Cary, North Carolina. Founded in 2013, the business has grown and prospered to become a leading provider of quality woodworking services and products for both residential and commercial clients.

The success story of Cary Woodworking begins with the enthusiasm and commitment of the team at Cary Woodworking. Their hard work and dedication have paid off with numerous awards and accolades from local business organizations. Though named “Small Business of the Year” by the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce in 2016, they have gone on to garner other honors such as the 2018 Small Business Award from Durham Business Achievement Awards and 2019 Small Business Excellence Award.

The stellar reputation that Cary Woodworking has earned also comes from satisfying customers with their range of unique furniture designs, cabinets, interior finishing services, beams and trusses, flooring installations, decks, pergolas and more! The team never rests on their laurels; each project is handled uniquely ” based on customers’ needs and desires even after completion to ensure their satisfaction. As a result, positive customer feedback ensures repeat business for this thriving company.

In addition to providing services for residential clients, Cary Woodworking also provides custom woodwork solutions for commercial projects including hotel refurbishing projects as well as restaurant remodels such as Charlotte’s El Pobre Restaurant renovation project which was completed in 2020. They offer end-to-end service from consultation support through final installation giving each job their hands-on attention until it meets with customer approval.

Cary Woodworking is a prime example of how hard work and dedication can pay off when it comes to achieving success in any industry or venture.

Highlighting the Talented Team

Cary Woodworking has been operating for over two decades. Throughout this time, the team of talented craftsmen have shown their expertise and creativity in bringing customer designs to life. The family-run business brings an impressive range of skill sets to their customers, with each of the core members’ experience and background contributing to the company’s overall excellence.

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Leading the way is owner Glenn Cary, who has been a woodworker and craftsman since he was just 16 years old. He learned at his father’s knee and eventually apprenticed under a skilled cabinet maker before starting Cary Woodworking in 1996. His experience ranges from carpentry and construction to cabinetry design and furniture restoration.

Also lending their knowledge is Mark Mills, who has been with the business for 13 years now. With a degree in agriculture from North Carolina State University, Mark’s experience as a designer allows him to create stunning pieces that often defy previous construction techniques or methods. His skill in cutting intricate dovetails further enhances his creations’ unique look.

John Tucker rounds out the Cary Woodworking team with over 15 years under his belt. Known for his excellent problem solving skills and finishing abilities, John is able to tackle any project willingly thanks to his attention to detail, vast array of tools, and ability to manage numerous tasks simultaneously.

The three men who make up Cary Woodworking are all stalwarts in their field; united by their passion for craftsmanship and creating beautiful pieces tailored towards customer needs ” no matter how unique they may be! Through each member’s skill set, they can take on multiple projects at once without compromising on quality or finish because of their commitment to providing exceptional service every step of the way.

Premium Quality Materials & Workmanship

Cary Woodworking focuses on using only the highest quality materials for all of their woodworking projects. Their selection of sustainable hardwoods, solid composites, and exotic species are carefully chosen for beauty, longevity, and durability. The craftsmen that build each piece take pride in their work and strive to create pieces with fine joinery techniques, intricate detailing and strong construction. Every piece is handmade using cutting-edge technology in combination with traditional tools, resulting in unique one-of-a-kind creations that stand the test of time. By combining modern technology with tried and true artisan techniques each project is crafted with precision to ensure years of enjoyment.

Wide Variety of Wooden Furniture

Cary Woodworking offers a large variety of high quality wooden furniture for the home or office. They specialize in pieces designed for style, function, and comfort. Their products range from classic dining room tables and chairs to modern accent pieces. Their upholstered furniture includes couches, recliners, and chaise lounges in a variety of colors and fabrics. Bedroom pieces include beds and dressers with unique wood grain designs that add warmth and elegance to any bedroom.

Perhaps their best known product is custom made furniture tailored to fit specific needs and requirements. With best-in-class craftsmanship, all Cary’s custom-made pieces remain timeless even with changing tastes over time. In addition to the aforementioned pieces, they offer coffee tables in a wide range of sizes and styles; desks, media consoles, bookcases; wine storage options; sideboards; benches; bars; game tables, mirrors; rugs; decorative accessories and more – giving customers a wide selection that can be used throughout their home or office.

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The company’s items are made from quality materials including oak, cherry, walnut, birch and other exotic hardwoods for durability for a lifetime of use. From timeless traditional silhouettes such as ladder back chairs or mission-style desks to modern shapes and contemporary strong linear designs such track arms on couches or waterfall edges on coffee table ” there is something for everyone at Cary Woodworking.

Marketing images of Cary Woodworks reveal iconic furniture pieces crafted from beautiful hardwoods that bring strength, character and personality into your home or office space. Whether you choose one vibrant statement piece to stand out in the room or incorporate multiple items throughout your interior design ” Cary lets you create signature living spaces as unique as you are!

Customer Reviews

Cary Woodworking has been committed to providing high quality handcrafted wooden furniture and home decor for over two decades. The reviews left by their customers speak for themselves! With video testimonials, short quotes with images of the customers, and five-star ratings, Cary Woodworking is in a league of its own.

Video testimonials are an excellent way for customers to share their experience with Cary Woodworking to their social network followers or website visitors. Video clips can be short snippets from real people who have purchased pieces from them; these visuals make their stories even more powerful as customers will be able to see the design, craftsmanship and results firsthand. Short quotes also bring attention to Cary Woodworking testimonies ” they can offer insight on why someone liked the product so much, or what makes it stand out among others. Including images of customers with the quote provides context and adds a personal touch to the review which is sure to get potential clients interested in what Cary Woodworking has to offer! Finally, 5 star ratings look great when other companies are searching for woodworking or furniture suppliers ” those glowing rankings show that Cary Woodworking is a reputable business and one that leads in customer satisfaction.

Summing Up

At Cary Woodworking, we strive to create long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing quality craftsmanship, premium materials, and exceptional service. With decades of expertise in creating custom and artisanal pieces for residential and commercial settings, our team is well-equipped to work within your budget and timeline. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes showing you a range of options that fit your needs and lifestyle while staying true to the project’s purpose. We understand that personalized woodworking products add a unique touch to any design project; therefore, our team takes the time to collaborate with you one-on-one so all your needs can be met. Choose Cary Woodworking today, and let us bring your vision to life. With us, a high-quality woodworking experience awaits you.

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