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Cortland Woodworks is a family-run business that specializes in handmade, quality woodworkings. Established in 1980, the company has been beautifying homes and businesses with their unique design and craftsmanship for over 40 years. The small team of artisans uses locally sourced materials to carefully create stunning woodworks. With exceptional attention to detail, each piece of furniture created by Cortland Woodworks expresses an emotional connection with its creator through the use of innovation, style and expert craftsmanship.

From beginning to end, every piece produced at Cortland Woodworks is thoughtfully crafted with an emphasis on the beauty of nature. The artisan team pursues excellence by making sure each product maintains naturalistic aesthetics while thoughtfully incorporating modern trends. Through a variety of intricate designs, from traditional to sleek minimalism, each piece serves as a timeless addition to any décor. Whether creating custom pieces that meet customers’ needs or refurbishing existing furniture for clients, every work is beautiful yet strong; thus ensuring satisfaction for generations of families to enjoy them in their home or office interior settings.

At Cortland Woodworks’ workshop located near Lake Erie in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park, they bring decades of experience and knowledge together forging incredible works of art that can be seen across North America as statement pieces making homes complete. Each artisan brings years of experience along with patience and passion in order to ensure every item stands out from the rest not only visually but structurally as well using the strongest woods available such as walnut oak mahogany cherry ash and many more depending on what look is desired by customers. Customers receive a masterpiece crafted using hints from both modern trends and traditional designs which are seamlessly blended together creating a tailored work just for them which will last forever contributing towards building a lifetime worth of memories gathered around it as it becomes part of their lives

About Cortland Woodworks

Cortland Woodworks is a small business with a rich history. Established in 1954 by three local brothers, the company has been producing high quality wooden products for over 60 years. The core of their production has always been centered around furniture, but they also produce frames, architectural elements and much more. All Cortland Woodworks pieces are crafted using traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring each piece is one of a kind and of the highest craftsmanship. The wood used to create these pieces also has an interesting story; sourced from local forests and renovated from fallen buildings, every piece contains its own uniqueness that cannot be replicated. Each item embodies the spirit and strength of the community it was made in; this spirit makes Cortland Woodworks pieces timeless that can bring character and beauty to any home for years to come. From design to production, Cortland Woodworks puts utmost care into each product so customers can feel secure knowing that their purchase will last a lifetime. By honoring the past and producing beautiful pieces for the future, this business continues to bring tradition into every piece they make today.

Core Values

Cortland Woodworks proudly stands by each of its core values which reflects the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Cortland Woodworks strives to provide the highest quality woodworking products, from finely crafted furniture pieces to exquisite custom works of art. The company holds itself to a standard that is higher than any on the market and believes that customer satisfaction is their ultimate reward. They pay special attention to detail in every product, such as superior joinery techniques and interesting textures created through traditional methods of carving and hand-crafted design. With an eye for aesthetic beauty and ambitious imagination, Cortland Woodworks puts all of its efforts into creating amazing pieces made with lots of care and precision. As a testament to their work, they welcome suggestions from customers, while respecting their wishes and ensuring they get what they want. Quality is never sacrificed at Cortland Woodworks; only gains are achieved through constant improvement of process development, material selection, exceptional skillset, and creativity within each project undertaken. By doing so, their team remains dedicated in delivering unique designs with passionate care every single time.

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Step 1: Ideation – The first step in the process at Cortland Woodworks is ideation. This involves sitting down with the client to discuss what they’re looking for in terms of design, materials, and any special touches. Afterward, Cortland Woodworks will put together a sketch that provides an overview of what the final product will look like.

Step 2: Design & Plan – Once a sketch is approved by the client, Cortland Woodworks will go through detailed plan making and designing phases. This step focuses on engineering and figuring out precise measurements as well as how all pieces should fit together. This phase also marks when precise materials must be chosen so that all pieces work together in harmony.

Step 3: Creation – During this step, Cortland Woodworks craftsmen bring the whole product to life! After ensuring proper measurements have been taken it’s time to get to work with saws, drills, hammers, routers and more. During this step great attention is paid to both large scale elements and small details; for example sanding, staining or varnishing can take place at this stage if necessary.

Step 4: Quality Control – Before delivery or installation at a site/venue/residence etc., every piece created goes through a quality control routine. The objective here is to make sure that all products meet exact specifications found in plans designed earlier as well as documented best practices associated with the type of material used during creation.

Step 5: Delivery & Installation – Assuming everything passes inspection (or is fixed if necessary), it’s now time for installation! Cotrand Woodworks uses experienced engineers/teams to ensure all products are installed correctly as per plans designed earlier in the process.


Cortland Woodworks has been an active and thriving enterprise since its inception in the early 1990s. Specializing in custom carpentry, original design and craftsmanship, the firm has seen its reputation for excellence stretch across borders. The work of Cortland Woodworks is widely acclaimed for its attention to detail and delicate intricacies. From handcrafted furniture to intricate installations, each project reflects a tireless commitment to innovation that extends beyond mere woodworking skills.

The Showcase at Cortland Woodworks celebrates the impressive projects produced by its talented team. These carefully designed and crafted pieces highlight not only the remarkable carpentry skills of Cortland’s craftsmen but their technical prowess as well. Familiar galleries feature fan favorite works such as media centers, full-scale renovations, custom closets and creative storage solutions while individual pieces represent exquisite craftsmanship in everything from reclaimed woods to sculptural artistry.

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In addition to providing an opportunity to appreciate magnificent creations by local artisans, the Showcase also offers potential clients a chance to meet with designers up close and discuss ideas. Whether starting from scratch or bringing previously established visions into reality, visitors can witness first-hand how quality materials generate timeless results of beauty, function, longevity and value that become part of treasured memories for generations to come.

Customer Spotlight

At Cortland Woodworks, we strive to make the best experience possible for all of our customers. That’s why we take special attention when highlighting influential people who are a part of the Cortland Woodworks family. Whether it’s our influencers, frequent visitors or even those new to the shop, we work hard to show that everyone is welcome and appreciated here at Cortland Woodworks.

We make sure that our influencers know how much we appreciate their loyalty and continued support by featuring them regularly on our various social media platforms. We thank them for their contributions with unique offers exclusive to followers, as well as discounts and giveaways. As an added bonus, fellow Cortland Woodworks customers can benefit from their expertise from time to time in the form of inspiration posts that feature photos of projects they have completed using our products.

We also go the extra mile for visitors that frequent the shop on a regular basis. To express our gratitude for spending time in our store, these customers are treated with several incentives such as early previews of upcoming products and access to special events throughout the year. For those new to Cortland Woodworks, we create welcoming ambiance with friendly staff members who will explain anything they need help understanding while providing assistance throughout their visit. We understand what it is like taking a first step into something unfamiliar which is why making sure each customer feels welcomed and respected is at top priority each day here at Cortland Woodwork!


The experience provided by Cortland Woodworks is truly unique, offering quality woodworking crafting products that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. The team at Cortland Woodworks has poured their heart and soul into each product, using traditional techniques to create innovative masterpieces that take craftsmanship to the highest level. This kind of inspired and dedicated workmanship can be seen in all of their pieces, making them not just one-of-a-kind, but also timelessly beautiful. The products of Cortland Woodworks are not just a reflection of their commitment to excellence: they’re an inspiration for us all. Customers across the globe have entrusted their trust in Cortland Woodworks, showing how profoundly they value when hard work meets artistry.

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