Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table


The Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table is a must-have tool for all woodworkers. It is a large, flat table with adjustable legs and a frame made of sturdy steel that provides additional worksurface to support materials while cutting, forming, and finishing your project. This table has been designed specifically to be placed in line with your woodworking machine so that stock can be easily fed through without the need for extra hands or interference. In addition to its safety features, this outfeed table also offers an increased depth which allows for greater control over the materials being worked on. The Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table is an essential tool for all serious woodworkers as it ensures precision, accuracy and speed throughout their project.

Design & Construction

The Down to Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table is an excellent solution for woodworkers who need assistance with their woodworking projects. The table is designed with a sturdy construction and a solid base made of treated 2x4s, making it strong and reliable. Additionally, the tabletop features high-quality MDF which offers additional support while in use. The tabletop is also sealed with a special coating that guards against moisture, making the surface safe to use even during hazy weather conditions. Moreover, the overall design of the table makes it suitable to be used in various settings, both indoors and outdoors because of its minimal design. Furthermore, there are several accessories included in the package such as adjustable feet and side skirts that help make adjustments easy and comfortable for any type of workpiece being used on the table. Finally, each Outfeed Table comes with detailed instructions which make assembly fast and straightforward for anyone with basic carpentry skills. Overall, this Outfeed Table is an invaluable addition to anyone’s collection of workshop tools due to its strength and versatility.

Overview of Unique Features

The Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table stands out from other tables due to its unique design and construction. It is designed to be incredibly durable, making it ideal for busy woodworking jobs. Its solid core construction gives it stability and strength as well as a surprising amount of weight. This allows it to handle heavy-duty tasks without buckling or cracking under high stresses. Additionally, the beveled leading edge minimizes drag on items being placed on the table, which makes it easier to move material around quickly with less wear and tear on your tools. The included adjustable legs provide an easy way to level the table to any floor surface, ensuring a safe and steady platform for cutting and finishing projects of all sizes. As an added bonus, its modern aesthetic ensures that it will fit seamlessly into any work space.

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Uses of the Table

The Down To Earth Woodworker’s Outfeed Table is designed for many different uses. With its rugged yet stylish nature, this quality outfeed table can be used to complete a range of furniture projects from all types of woodworking crafts. Whether it be making a dining table, working on larger pieces such as bed frames, cabinets or bookcases, or crafting intricate pieces like jewellery boxes and wooden toys, the Down To Earth Woodworker’s Outfeed Table will provide more than enough utility.

Additionally, the table provides valuable extra workspace which can be used in a variety of ways. It is ideal for clamping projects requiring extended periods of time; sprucing up newly constructed items; and prepping materials prior to starting a project”all while providing support and stability with its trademark robust construction. Its wide stance makes cutting operations easier by providing better visibility and therefore reducing the risk of error. And its ample length provides plenty of room to perform whatever task you are undertaking and even accommodates large-scale projects if so desired!

Maintenance Tips & Care Instructions

1. Always keep your Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table clean and free of woodworking dust, oil, and particles by regularly wiping it down with a soft rag or cloth.

2. If the table gets stained or has any spills on it, clean them up as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining or discoloration of the surface.

3. Make sure to lubricate all of its movable parts like the glides on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation during use.

4. Avoid using any harsh chemicals on your table; use water-based products instead for cleaning purposes whenever possible.

5. Check all screws, bolts and components that are holding your table together every few months to make sure they have not loosened over time due to wear and tear during use. Replace them if necessary with new ones from the manufacturer’s parts list.

6. Regularly inspect your table for signs of general wear and tear including scratches, denting, splitting or cracking in the wood material that may require repairs for structural integrity and appearance.

7. Be mindful when carrying weighty materials around as placing heavy items onto the surface can cause significant damage to the table over time so it is important to pick up heavier objects carefully when needed rather than dragging them across its surface area at any point in time


When it comes to woodworking, the Down To Earth Outfeed Table is a sound investment. It’s designed with cutting-edge technology and made standing up to the most rigorous of jobs in mind. The table features an industrial-grade aluminum structure that ensures sturdiness, as well as a vinyl laminate top which provides a smooth surface for sawing and routing. Not only is it strong enough to handle both portable and stationary tools, but its adjustable legs can accommodate any height setup.

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In addition, the price of the Down To Earth Outfeed Table is quite reasonable considering all that you get. Its full feature set easily justifies its cost when compared to other tables on the market. Such features include angled support arms which are ideal for canoes or long boards, and adjustable rubber feet that absorb vibration and provide stability. Plus, integrated dust collection ports offer improved visibility while working, making this table a great choice for those who want to maintain cleanliness in their workspace.

Overall, buying a Down To Earth Outfeed Table provides excellent value for money ” whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro looking for an upgrade. With advanced safety measures such as built-in kickback protection against potential blade failures and overarm guards, sawing will be more secure and efficient than ever before. And with its durable construction and reliable performance, it’s sure to last for years ” making this table well worth the expense!

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

The Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table is a great tool for any experienced or new woodworker looking to maximize their space, organization and cutting accuracy. With its large steel table surface, ample shelves for storage, adjustable height frame and easy-to-assemble design, this outfeed table provides all the features you need to make accurate cuts with less time and effort. It’s simple to use and store away when not in use. Its small size allows you to easily move it around your workspace and keep it tucked away out of the way until needed. Plus, the sturdy nature of the table ensures long lasting performance over time. If you’re looking for an outfeed table that will provide reliable support without taking up too much space, then the Down To Earth Woodworker Outfeed Table is perfect for you. It has everything you need to get the most out of your woodworking experience, both novices and experienced woodworkers alike can benefit from its features. So if you’re in need of a durable, versatile outfeed table to help increase efficiency in your shop or have limited space requirements, then this could be the right outfeed table choice for you.

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