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Feature customer testimonials

“I am so pleased that I discovered Eric Sloane Woodworking. The company not only produces high quality furniture pieces but also provides excellent customer service. I recently ordered a custom piece of furniture and it was delivered on time, in perfect condition. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is top-notch and it gives my room a sophisticated, timeless look. I would definitely recommend this company if you’re looking for beautiful wood furniture.” – Sarah K., Alabama

“Having had a great experience purchasing woodworking items from Eric Sloane Woodworking, I now know why the reviews are so positive. Their quality is second to none, with amazing attention to details and craftsmanship throughout the manufacturing process, making sure each specially designed piece was built to last. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for premium wooden products that will perfectly complement any home’s interior décor.” – David B., California

Cleaning and maintenance tips

The best way to keep your Eric Sloane Woodworking pieces looking their best is to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions provided with each item. Cleaning supplies should be selected specifically for use on wood or other materials and should not include abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring powders, or other harsh chemicals.

Using a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild detergent can help remove dust from wooden items without erasing their original appearance. When moving furnishing or taking care of spills, always use coasters and placemats. Avoid exposing wood pieces to direct sunlight and humidity for extended periods of time as both can cause the wood to fade over time.

For additional protection against scratches and spills apply a protective coat of furniture wax or polish designed specifically for the type of material used in your Eric Sloane Woodworking piece (typically either wax-based soap or oil-based finishes). Reapply this polish periodically as recommended by the manufacturer; usually once every several months.

In addition, store furniture items away from excessive heat sources like air conditioning vents that contain dust particles that may scratch surfaces during movement while sliding feet protectors can also help prevent wear as well as scratching floors underneath when rearranging furniture around your home. Taking these steps will ensure quick cleanup whenever accidents occur and your new piece of Eric Sloane Woodwork looks its best throughout its lifetime!

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Behind-the-scenes look

Eric Sloane is a woodworking artist, whose pieces are prized for their craftsmanship and creativity. With each piece of Eric’s artwork, there is a whole process that was undertaken in order to create such beauty from a functional standpoint. To provide readers with an inside look into this process, we can examine the journey it took to craft one of Eric’s unique pieces.

For starters, it all begins with high quality materials that are meticulously sourced by Eric. Once the material has been acquired it then needs to be carefully cut and organized for optimal use in constructing the piece. Next comes the tedious work of sanding which demands clean and precise lines as well as attention to detail so there are no rough edges or spots left behind on the wood.

Afterwards, Eric chooses his colors and stains then applies them slowly and conservatively to ensure that every nook is properly filled before drying takes place. This is a crucial step if one wants to ensure that the stained wood endures through long time periods without deteriorating or crumbling away due to moisture damage.

The final steps involve erecting up the frame of the piece, while inserting fittings to add strength and stability; adding adhesion; painting; varnishing; polishing; safeguarding against environmental damage or thieves; and finally displaying the finished work for its viewers! This complete internal glimpse provides readers with an appreciation for just how much effort its taken for Eric Sloane’s unique pieces to come alive!

Obsessed with detail

Making each piece of furniture or accessory isn’t just about building something aesthetically pleasing – Eric Sloane Woodworking also prides itself on using the highest quality materials, giving meticulous attention to every aspect of their work. All of their woods are carefully selected to ensure longevity and so that the end result will last a lifetime. Moreover, pieces take an average of 13 hours to craft with craftsmen paying close attention to all joints, providing superior accuracy and a perfect fit. Every piece is then finished with several coats of tung oil, beeswax, and an occasional light lacquer application ensuring a truly beautiful finish. This level of care and attention, combined with traditional joinery techniques that have been passed down through generations results in timeless and durable works of art that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

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Eco-friendly products

Eric Sloane Woodworking is dedicated to creating works of art that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also gentle on the environment. All the materials used in their woodworking projects are sustainably sourced, making them eco-friendly. This means that all the wood, fabric and other products used come from certified sources that replant trees after a harvest to ensure that future generations have access to these same resources. This sustainable approach helps reduce deforestation and provides assurance that no animals were harmed in the production of their items. Eric Sloane Woodworking takes pride in offering unique pieces made of high-quality materials that help preserve our natural resources for years to come.

DIY projects

Eric Sloane’s products are perfect for DIY projects that range from simple to complex. Here are some of the DIY projects readers can tackle with his products:

1. Making a book shelf: With Eric Sloane wood pieces, readers can make their own custom book shelf that is as unique as they want it to be. They can choose the wood type, size and shape of the shelves and even decide whether to add intricate details like dowels or engravings.

2. Custom furniture: Eric Sloane woodworking products allow the reader to create any kind of furniture imaginable ” from chairs and tables to cabinets and desks. With these high-quality pieces, readers can craft an amazing piece of furniture that looks great in their home or office.

3. Building a birdhouse: It’s easy for a reader to build their own birdhouse using Eric Sloane’s woodworking tools. They’ll be able to construct a sturdy house for feathered friends that still looks good on any wall or fence post!

4. Crafting toys and games: Readers don’t have to just stick with traditional building methods when crafting with Eric Sloane’s products; they can also make games, puzzles, and fun toys out of them as well!

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