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Since its launch in 2018, Kindelan Woodworking has quietly established itself as one of the country’s most successful and respected shops in the industry. Led by master carpenter Luke Kindelan, the shop aims to provide quality carpentry products that improve people’s lives. By leveraging years of experience, along with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service excellence, Kindelan Woodworking is dedicated to creating timeless pieces of workmanship for every customer.

We recently sat down with Luke to discuss his vision for the company, his passion for woodworking and how he stays motivated. He revealed some incredible insights about working hard, staying focused on customer needs and taking risks where others dare not go. It’s these traits that have enabled him to create works of art that will stand the test of time. He also revealed some of his plans for expanding the business in new directions, while staying true to his core values and focus on trustworthiness, integrity and quality craftsmanship.

Luke has created an inspiring example of someone who is following their dreams and making them a reality through hard work and dedication. His passion for woodworking has been driven by a combination of wanting to produce something unique and beautiful as well as having a profound respect for nature’s raw materials. He spends time researching topics such as species selection for each project, grain coverage areas, types of woods used in multiple designs, joinery methods & more! Each step is conducted deliberately so he can deliver the highest quality carpentry pieces which leave a lasting impression on customers and display something visually pleasing & unique that stands out from anything else you’ve seen before!

Kindelan Woodworking also sets itself apart from other companies due to its commitment to sustainability practices including utilizing reclaimed or FSC certified lumber whenever possible. Furthermore, they partner with specialists capable of honoring restorative practices & ensuring protection logging efforts maintain global environmental standards when necessary allowing customers peace-of-mind knowing they are investing in truly sustainable products while never sacrificing quality or aesthetic value!

Embrace Nature

Kindelan Woodworking is an eco-friendly furniture store that prides itself on creating furniture pieces that combine quality craftsmanship with a respect for nature. The business utilizes sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled metals to create furniture pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. All of the woods used by Kindelan Woodworking are sourced from responsibly managed forests, and their furniture is constructed using traditional techniques such as dovetailing and joinery. The company has also begun embracing technology to become more eco-friendly, utilizing 3D printing and laser cutting to reduce waste and maximize efficiency during production. With superior techniques, beautiful results, and sustainable practices, Kindelan Woodworking stands out from other businesses by offering customers high-quality pieces with an emphasis on protecting the environment.

High Quality Design

Kindelan Woodworking is a family-owned business established in 1990. Since opening, the company has taken great pride in their work by offering high-quality woodworking and design services for customers across the globe. Their skilled craftsmen specialize in creating custom furniture that showcases the attention to detail and unique creative style of each customer. From dining tables to headboards, they have something to suit any taste. They also provide interior design services creating beautiful spaces tailored to each client’s needs, budgets, and timelines. The team at Kindelan Woodworking puts passion into creating beautiful pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come. All materials used are sourced locally and produced carefully with precision machines operated by qualified specialists who focus on meeting all customer expectations. This combination of modern technology and old-world craftsmanship allows customers to own beautifully designed furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. From the selection of timber through the finished product, every step is made with careful consideration ensuring a superior quality product that stands out from the rest.

Specialty Products

Kindelan Woodworking is a family-owned business that specializes in creating unique and striking pieces of custom artisanal furniture. From handcrafted chairs and tables to lovingly constructed bookcases, Kindelan Woodworking creates amazing products that add character and charm to a home. Their focus on quality materials, traditional craftsmanship, and cutting edge design ensures each piece they produce is an authentic work of art. With their range of specialty products, Kindelan Woodworking can offer customers anything from beautiful all-wood cabinetry to sleek modern countertops. The company also offers unique one-of-a-kind furniture, like desks made with reclaimed wood or individually carved headboards. They even offer services for custom projects like repurposing antique trunks or designing individualized display cases for special collections. When it comes to displaying the range of custom artisanal furniture available from Kindelan Woodworking, the options are practically endless. Customers can choose from simple end tables to elaborate high-end cabinets made of exotic woods like oak or walnut. For those looking for a more rustic feel, there’s also the option of distressed metals combined with natural stone countertops or intricate carvings that adorn the top portions of bookcases. No matter what kind of style you prefer, the talented craftsmen at Kindelan Woodworking have something for everyone – guaranteeing each piece is beautifully finished and uniquely yours!

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Local Legacy

For over 120 years, Kindelan Woodworking has been perfecting their craft. The company was founded in 1898 creating furniture pieces by hand out of wood with traditional woodworking techniques. Since its inception, Kindelan Woodworking has evolved with the times, adopting new technologies and processes while staying true to its traditional methods of making fine furniture. Despite the changes throughout the business’s history, there are still handcrafted components created with time-honored designs that make up part of Kindelan’s line of furniture products.

The dedication to craftsmanship over the years is all thanks to employees tasked with preserving the culture by staying true to classic designs. Many of these employees have both previous experience in traditional woodworking as well as carpentry skills from independent work which strengthens their ability to achieve success at Kindelan Woodworking. To ensure this heritage remains intact, new workers are trained carefully and given guidance from veteran craftsmen who emphasize quality first and foremost.

Another unique aspect to Kindelan Woodworking is how iconic baltic birch plywood plays an important part in the construction of pieces for sale or custom order projects. Baltic birch plywood is highlighted for its durability and stability when worked on due to its thinly veneered layers providing a consistent surface upon which intricate designs can be adapted. Its rotary-cut birch veneer also allows for tight joints during assembly which adds greater strength and more symmetry resulting in exquisite finishes after they are finished being stained or polished.

The timelessness of core values coupled with modern advancements has kept Kindelan Woodworking on top when it comes to creating gorgeous heirloom-quality furniture for generations to come!

It is not just the employees at Kindelan Woodworking that strive hard to maintain traditional craftsmanship methods; it is also the use of materials such as baltic birch plywood that helps add quality and integrity to every project they lay their hands on. This type of wood comes with thin layers consisting mostly of rotary-cut birch veneers which are used extensively during production as they enable a layer that provides exceptional strength as well as uniformity on top finishing surfaces. The company also ensures complete accuracy during production by opting for precision cutting while assembling individual components together so that a complete piece can eventually look symmetric upon staining or polishing them further down the line after production ends. Combining advanced technology alongside these traditional craftsmanship values allow Kindelan employees to guarantee high quality and stunning results for any type project requested by clients, whether it be custom orders or something featured within their product line – this heirloom-quality furniture will hold up through generations without requiring any special maintenance along the way!

Clients Around the World

Kindelan Woodworking has earned an outstanding reputation for their handcrafted custom wood furniture and products around the globe. Offering a range of ideas across different styles, Kindelan employs only the highest level of carpenters and craftsmen to bring their clients’ visions to life. Whether it be custom dining tables, living room sets, or home office accessories—clients can rest assured knowing they are receiving nothing but amazing quality and craftsmanship from Kindelan.

Customers have enjoyed styling their homes with Kindelan’s unique products from all over the world. From Europe to South America and beyond, homes are now more attractive than ever with pieces from the Kindelyn lines. Interior designers have taken full advantage of Kindelan’s broad selection of styles to match any kind of decor needs for their clients. Even homeowners who shop on a budget love how affordable some of their favorite pieces can be.

No matter where you may find yourself in search of that perfect piece, customers can trust that Kindelan will deliver only excellence in form, function and style. With attentive customer service reps available anytime to assist with ordering, installation or suggestions – even long-distance customers receive one-on-one assistance as if they were just down the street. All this attention coupled with exquisite customization makes buying a custom piece irresistible!

Creative Process

At Kindelan Woodworking, our talented craftsmen utilize their skills to create one-of-a-kind, custom pieces of furniture. Our award winning designs are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship. Our process starts out by carefully selecting the wood that our artisans use to create each piece. All the wood is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests which guarantees that it’s not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

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After the wood is chosen, we begin the creative process of bending it and shaping it into more intricate designs. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and understanding of how each piece will take shape from start to finish. Every single item made at Kindelan Woodworking is given individual care and consideration every step of the way, from creating unique patters for backs and chair legs, to carving detailed and precise dovetail joints for drawers. The final touches include staining and finishing each product with a superior lacquer which enhances its beauty and durability. Our dedicated team puts countless hours into every furniture item ensuring that you get the highest quality product available on the market today!

Making a Difference

Kindelan Woodworking is a company that not only specializes in crafting beautiful wooden furniture, but also making a difference in their community. The company was founded by Pete Kindelan, an ingenious entrepreneur who had the idea of creating jobs for those in need and promoting environmental sustainability techniques that could be beneficial to all citizens.

The team at Kindelan Woodworking has pioneered various initiatives throughout their operation that focus on social change. All of their furniture and other products are made using only sustainably-sourced wood and materials. They believe in running a business responsibly, making sure that the natural resources arfe used efficiently and never taken for granted. Furthermore, this ecofriendly practice helps to reduce their carbon footprint as well as support local businesses.

To further demonstrate their commitment to social change, Kindelan Woodworking employ young adults living in low-income households and offer them extensive job training opportunities within their workplace. This is part of the company’s mission to create equal opportunities for everyone who wants to build better lives for themselves and their families. Through this initiative, these young people gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help them enter the job market after leaving the confines of Kindelan Woodworking’s workspace.

In addition to providing employment opportunities to people in need, the team at Kindelan Woodworking also regularly take part in charity events throughout the region – donating furniture pieces to those who would not ordinarily be able to afford it due to financial difficulties or any other issue they might face at home or work. By engaging with these causes, they actively contribute towards improving quality of life for anyone living in difficulty and building stronger communities from within.

These are just some examples of how Kindelan Woodworking is driven by an ethical framework which gives special consideration for vulnerable people – aiding them not only financially but also morally with empowering experiences which can shape future generations positively through reaching for stability, trustworthiness, education & economic stability to realize ideas & stay competitively relevant & rise up above hurdles . Furthermore, Kindelan Woodworking has partnered up with several non-profit organizations across their local area – offering discounts on furniture and other items when providing donations via these associations. By supporting good causes they’re helping create a more equal world where every person is valued regardless of one’s background or personal story – each member of society has room to grow & develop responsibly while being part of something larger than themselves too., Finally ,Kindelan Woodworking invests in green energy solutions whenever possible- taking advantage of natural resources like solar panel installations into structures on site while allowing its work premises benefit from low utility bills over time as some methods have proven top be highly efficient over the long-term


Kindelan Woodworking has become a leader in the woodworking industry. With their commitment to providing quality products and services, and an eye for detail, Kindelan Woodworking has established itself as a successful business. They specialize in custom carpentry solutions for both residential and commercial customers, with an emphasis on craftsmanship. Their team of dedicated experts take great pride in the work they produce, ensuring no detail is overlooked when creating projects such as cabinetry, furniture, mantels and more – all while being mindful of the environment. Additionally, Kindelan Woodworking provides personalized customer service tailored to each individual’s needs. By always going above and beyond expectations, they have earned the trust and loyalty of numerous clients throughout many years of exceptional service. Through their passion for woodworking, Kindelan Woodworking has become a go-to source for those seeking quality products paired with knowledgeable and friendly advice. Ultimately, their hard work and dedication highlight how Kindelan’s woodshop is a premier provider of outstanding woodwork solutions.

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