L Surges Custom Woodwork


L Surges Custom Woodwork’s online presence should include high-quality photos of the work they have done and/or the products they offer in order to give visitors a visual understanding of their services. The images can be used to showcase various projects, such as custom kitchen cabinetry and furniture, to illustrate the company’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Photos should be taken by a professional photographer or with a quality camera in order to ensure they are clear and vibrant. Visitors should be able to clearly see the different features and aspects of each woodworking project, such as grains and patterns, so they can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose L Surges Custom Woodwork for their next project.


Creating a video featuring customer testimonials and overviews of L Surges Custom Woodwork services and products will be an effective way to engage with potential customers. The video should include reviews from previous clients that showcase the expertise, craftsmanship and service they have come to expect from L Surges. Animated segments can be used to detail the various types of services offered as well as provide vivid examples of the products available — including custom-crafted furniture, wood accents, cabinets, shelves and staircases. Additionally, interviews with founder Larry Surges will give viewers an inside look at his process for creating custom works that are rooted in history and design principles. By presenting this information in a way that’s engaging and visually appealing, potential customers will get a better understanding of what makes L Surges Custom Woodwork stand out from others in the industry.

Where to Buy Used Woodworking Hand Tools


At L Surges Custom Woodwork we love to reward our customers! If you choose us for all your custom woodworking needs, you’re eligible for the following promotions and discounts.

1. Receive a 10% discount on orders of 3 items or more.

2. Refresh your old furniture with a complimentary upgrade after five jobs completed.

3. Get free shipping when ordering 10 or more items in the same location.

4. Pre-order and receive a discount of up to 20% off certain custom woodworking projects and products.

5. Take advantage of our bulk order discounts with up to 40% off on orders over $500 – let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen!

Social media integration

In addition to social media integration, L Surges Custom Woodwork can create a Community Ambassador Program. This will involve and empower customers to spread the word about their custom woodworking projects. For example, they can offer a referral program which awards discounted prices or gift cards for each customer that is referred by another. This will help to increase customer engagement and encourage word-of-mouth marketing for the brand. It’s also an effective way of providing feedback on what type of projects customers prefer so that L Surges Custom Woodwork can tailor their services accordingly.

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