Northeast Woodworkers Show


The annual Northeast Woodworkers Show is one of the premier woodworking expositions in the United States which serves to showcase the finest talent of woodworking, furniture design, and wood sculpture. The event has been held annually since 1998 and is highly respected throughout the woodworking community. It has grown in size, attendance and recognition over recent years. The show offers visitors an opportunity to explore a vast array of furniture and sculptures created by artisans from all around the country. From beginner-level carpentry to intricate carvings and innovative designs, attendees have a chance to really get close to the absolute best in craftsmanship and skill. Furthermore, profession artists also attend this yearly event where they host seminars, provide demonstrations and offer personalized advice on any heaps of topics related to woodworking. For those who love working with wood or just enjoy admiring masterpieces, the Northeast Woodworkers Show is certainly worth attending!


The Northeast Woodworkers Show takes place at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, outside of New Haven. Accommodations for attending the show can be found nearby, with hotels ranging from budget to luxury accommodations. A variety of transportation options are available to get you to and from the show. Public transit is available via bus, rail or ferry services and a number of taxi services are on hand as well. If you’re driving, there is free parking available right next to the venue, otherwise several car rental companies offer their services for those coming in from out of town.

Purpose of the Show

The Northeast Woodworkers Show is an event that showcases the accomplishments of woodworkers from the Northeast region of the United States. It provides a forum for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals to share their work and ideas, as well as to discuss challenges and advancements in their field with each other. Attendees will have an opportunity to view amazing custom-made furniture, intricate carvings, unique sculptures, lively demonstrations and more. The show also provides woodworkers an opportunity to see live demonstrations from various industry craftsmen/women, who’ll share their insights on tools, safety and techniques when it comes down to creating beautiful works of art out of wood. Furthermore, there will be panel discussions led by expert panelists in different areas such as environmental stewardship, usage of particular species of woods, sustainability practices and much more. The main purpose of the Northeast Woodworker Show is not only to bring together passionate individuals within this industry but also educate and open up dialogue around what it means to be a great craftsperson within today’s evolving environment.


The Northeast Woodworkers Show is the premier gathering for woodworkers and DIYers in the Northeast. Set to take place on June 12-13, 2021, this two-day show will feature a wide range of activities, vendors, and guests.

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On Saturday morning, a special workshop will be held by Master Craftsman Rick Jones. Attendees can look forward to learning new techniques and tips for working with wood from one of the top experts in the field.

For those looking to purchase tools or materials, the show floor is filled with some of the best industry vendors selling everything from sandpaper to saw blades. During the show there will also be sales going on so visitors can get great deals on supplies for their next project.

Throughout the weekend attendees can join in on discussion groups led by seasoned woodworking professionals and explore demos from respected expert carpenters, displaying various projects they have completed in their trade.


The Northeast Woodworkers Show is an annual celebration of the art and craft of woodworking. It showcases the work of some of the region’s best furniture makers, cabinet makers, carvers and sculptors. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of woodworking styles – from traditional pieces to modern creations. The exhibition will feature custom-made furniture, handcrafted décor and other unique designs from a variety of disciplines and styles, including mid-century modern, industrial, arts and crafts, urban chic and more. Aside from beautiful furniture pieces, attendees will also be able to browse an array of woodworking tools and supplies alongside accessories such as bookshelves, carpets and wall hangings made with or featuring wood elements. There will also be demonstrations by experts in the field who will offer visitors hands-on tips on using tools ranging from router bits to lathes.

Prizes and Awards

The Northeast Woodworkers Show gives out numerous and prestigious awards to recognize the accomplishments of its participants. Within these awards, three categories of recognition are offered: Best In Show, Artisan Awards, and People’s Choice Awards.

To be nominated for Best In Show or an Artisan Award, applicants must complete the following steps. First, submit a digital portfolio featuring five to seven images prior to the event start date. Those images should include two overview shots, close-ups of project details, close-ups of craftsmanship and/or joinery details and a photo of the maker with his/her work. The application fee is $50 USD per nomination. Following the selection process by independent judges, one winner will be chosen in each category.

People’s Choice Awards require no pre-application; instead it requires all show attendees to take part in voting for their favorite projects throughout the duration of the show online or via paper ballots at the event center. The top three receiving votes from participants at each show will receive awards based on their popularity among attendees.

Networking Opportunities

At the Northeast Woodworkers Show, there are several different opportunities to network with members and fellow professionals. One of the most popular event is the Member recognizes Member Party, where members have a chance to recognize and mingle with one another while enjoying refreshments. Additionally, an exclusive VIP event will be held during the show, offering more time for woodworking professionals to interact and make valuable connections with one another. For those looking for targeted networking opportunities in certain areas of woodworking, the show is also hosting specialized receptions such as for eco-friendly sawyers or those who work with reclaimed materials. If you’re looking for new relationships or wish to solidify existing connections within the industry, attending these events is essential!

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Benefits of Attending

Attending the Northeast Woodworkers Show can be a great opportunity for woodworkers to gain inspiration, make connections, and increase business opportunities. Attendees will get the chance to view other people’s work, be part of on-site workshops and critiques, learn from more experienced woodworkers, connect with potential business contacts, and acquire new skills and techniques.

The show is unique in that it showcases a wide range of woodworking styles from all over the northeast. People can learn about new products and services available for woodworkers in the area, as well as emerging trends in the field. Seeing these displays can provide attendees with a wave of inspiration to take their craft to the next level.

The Northeast Woodworkers Show also offers attendees many chances to introduce themselves and get connected with other local businesses. From onsite demonstrations by expert carpenters to dedicated vendor booths featuring specialized tools, there are ample opportunities for meeting potential customers or vendors who could become valuable business relationships down the line.

Overall, attending the Northeast Woodworkers Show is an excellent way for both novice and experienced woodworkers alike to gain knowledge and network with peers in their field of expertise. Whether they’re looking to find new techniques or kickstart their own projects, they can rely on this show as an invaluable source of creative energy and potential connection points in a vibrant industry full of passionate experts.


Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to come see the best that woodworking has to offer! Join us for the Northeast Woodworkers Show in June and explore the latest innovations, advancements, and projects in woodworking. Come discover what you can create by interacting with some of the top professionals in the industry. This event is both educational and inspiring! Get ready to be inspired, be creative, and take home something spectacular from this special event. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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