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Oles Woodworking is a small family owned business located in the beautiful state of Maine. Since its founding by old-world woodworkers back in the 1950s, the Oles family has been dedicated to creating unique and quality products that stand the test of time. From our humble beginnings crafting furniture for local customers, we’ve grown over the years to become a leading supplier of custom woodworking projects—from cabinets and tables to furniture, flooring and trim.

The Oles vision from our founders has remained consistent—to provide quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service while utilizing traditional skills acquired through generations of experience. Today, we continue their legacy utilizing cutting edge technology combined with old world craftsmanship to replicate modern versions of historical styles. As well as offering custom designs that reflect a current trend or customer’s desires. Our wide variety of templated products guarantee that there is something perfect for every taste and budget.

We are proud of our reputation for producing superb quality pieces that last for years. Our team consists of expert woodworkers whose combined skill set gives us an edge in style, fabrication and innovation; all combined with the latest advancements in hardware design options to ensure your finished project results in excellence beyond your expectations. With over fifty years in business, we have developed one-of-a-kind masterpieces evoking perfection down to every detail. From veneers with intricate marquetry designs to complex curved components made with skillful detailing—we can fabricate anything you are dreaming up!

Oles Woodworking offers something special—old world craftsmanship infused with contemporary artistry creating personal masterpieces capturing your dream perfectly expressed by skilled hands! We would love an opportunity to show you why so many people have made us number one when it comes to choosing a reliable provider for their wood working needs! Contact us today for all your woodworking projects!

The Story Behind Oles Woodworking and Its Origins

Oles Woodworking is a small family business located on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain that specializes in creating high-quality furniture from the finest exotic woods. Founded by Mr. and Mrs. Oles nearly seventy years ago, it has since been passed down to their son Jorge and his wife Carmen. Together, they’ve devotedly worked to continue the unique traditions for which Oles Woodworking is so renowned.

Since its founding, the Oles family has made sure to source only the finest materials for its unique products. The wood used in all of their pieces is sourced from sustainably managed forests around the world. This dedication to sustainability means that not only are their pieces crafted from some of the rarest and most beautiful woods in existence, but they also help protect the environment while doing it.

This passion for creating timeless pieces stretches back generations in Mr & Mrs Oles’ family history to master craftsmen who valued quality over anything else. Each piece is carefully designed with intricate details and flawless finishes; something that can only be achieved with years of experience and expertise combined with modern methods of construction such as laser cutting and 3D printing technology.

In recent years, Oles Woodworking has expanded its offerings beyond simply furniture making into custom cabinetry, doors, flooring, trim moldings and even architectural installations like staircases and other ornate designs. Regardless of what type of project they take on they always strive to meet their clients’ expectations while staying true to the traditions handed down through their family line.

Woodworking Projects Around The House

Design Philosophy and Approach of Oles Woodworking

At Oles Woodworking, our design philosophy is to create furniture and accessories that are distinct and timeless. We approach each project with a keen eye for detail, focusing on creating pieces that captivate the eye while remaining practical and functional. Every item crafted by our master woodworkers is of the highest quality, using only the finest materials available. Additionally, we strongly value sustainability in every project we undertake, striving to utilize reclaimed wood and eco-friendly finishes for all of our creations. With an interest in modern function blended with classic form, Oles Woodworking produces works of art out of furniture and accessories– both unique and beautiful.

The Craftsmanship of Oles Woodworking

Oles Woodworking is a custom furniture business owned and operated by the Oles family. Its goal is to create quality, timeless pieces of furniture with unparalleled care and craftsmanship. With over two decades of experience in the industry, their commitment to providing exceptional customer service has shone through every job they undertake. All their pieces are designed and made from first-rate timber, making them durable enough for generations to come. Their designers also meticulously craft intricate detail onto each customized piece, adding an elegant charm and personality to any setting.

Oles Woodworking does not just stop at designing custom furniture, but also provides bespoke restoration and upholstery services as well. Whether you are looking for modern contemporary styles or heirloom classics, their experienced team of experts can bring new life into existing pieces – giving them a fresh look or traditional appeal. They also provide maintenance packages to ensure your valuable furnishings stay in top condition year after year. No matter what your need may be, Oles Woodworking’s diverse roster of services will leave you feeling satisfied with your purchase every time.

Showcase of Unique Oles Woodworking Projects

Oles Woodworking specializes in creating unique and custom furniture for the home. From modern and contemporary pieces to traditional classics, Oles Woodworking can craft the perfect piece to fit any décor. They have crafted pieces like bed frames, side tables, bookcases, or even something as simple as a coat hanger. Oles Woodworking also extends their services to creating shelves, kitchen cabinetry and dining tables that are customized to the customer’s specifications. Their talented professionals strive to deliver an impressive range of work that is both stylish and durable enough for everyday use.

In addition to woodwork, Oles Woodworking also offers services such as refurbishing and refinishing existing furniture pieces. This allows customers who may have a treasured family heirloom or other distinct possessions an opportunity to give it new life with a fresh finish or style. At Oles Woodworking, they want each customer’s project to be completely unique, helping them transform their home into something truly special that will last for years to come. Customers are offered ideas on how best to bring out the character that lies beneath in their piece of furniture through expert refinishing techniques such as staining and polishing the surfaces. Finally, the very experienced staff ensures that every creation is built with care from start-to-finish with ultimate attention paid to detail and quality control at every stage of production.

Lasting Value of an Oles Woodworking Investment

Investing in furniture from Oles Woodworking is not only a sound financial decision but also a wise investment for the future. Quality furniture from Oles Woodworking is built to last for years, so you can count on its long-term value. Whether it’s a stunning oak armoire that stands out against your living room wall or a heirloom quality kitchen table you will be able to pass down to your children, Oles Woodworking crafts pieces that look beautiful and stay sturdy despite frequent use.

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Not only do the pieces have significant aesthetic value, but they are also made with high-quality hardwoods that provide durability and structural integrity. Without sacrificing design, different types of hardwood can be used depending on the application, specifically chosen in order to ensure optimal performance and stability over time. Furthermore, these woods are often hand-selected by woodworking experts who understand which pieces fit best for each individual purpose. As a result of careful construction with professional craftsmanship, Oles Woodworking Investments guarantee lasting comfort and stability throughout their lifetime.

In addition to expertly created designs, another benefit of investing in Oles Woodworking furniture is that items are often customizable and built specifically for your needs. Each piece is designed with precision and consideration of your exact taste so it fits comfortably within your home’s aesthetic scheme. This level of customization adds extra value as the potential uses for each piece are expanded exponentially when tailored to one’s particular situation. Moreover, products from Oles Woodworking come with a guarantee: if something happens and they don’t hold up over time, they can repair or replace any piece so you know exactly what you’re getting into when making an investment with them. The combination of timeless design coupled with unsurpassed customer service makes investing in quality pieces from Oles Woodworking truly worthwhile and guarantees long term functionality throughout many generations.


At Oles Woodworking, we strive to capture class, quality, and tradition in every one of our products. From grand grandfather clocks to ornately engraved mantle pieces, each unique item crafted by us speaks volumes while standing the test of time. Our knowledgeable staff and skilled craftspeople take your vision and create pieces that are as beautiful and durable as they are timeless. Our commitment to providing high-quality results is evident in all aspects of our workmanship.

Experience Oles Woodworking for yourself when you entrust us with your woodworking needs. Whether you are looking for a special gift or simply want something beautiful to adorn your home or office, our dedicated team works hard to bring those requests to life while staying true to the notion of capturing the style and craftsmanship of traditional woodworking. We understand how important it is for customers to receive a product that meets their exact requirements and exceeds their expectations week after week. To ensure this continuity is maintained with every job we undertake, attention to detail has been placed at the forefront of our process from start to finish. Through experienced artisans and continual technical enhancements, we are able to offer unparalleled results at all times which have brought lasting memories for our numerous customers over the years.

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