Pearson Woodworks

Work Accomplishments

Pearson Woodworks has a history of success stretching back many years. They have completed numerous structures and projects in the past, ranging from barns to resort cabins to unique furniture pieces. Their experience and expertise can be seen in every piece they produce.

Over the years, Pearson Woodworks has also accomplished some truly major successes. Notable among these are their contract with the Green Bay Packers to completely rebuild Lambeau Field. This project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget, while utilizing several innovative materials and techniques. This success gained them nationwide recognition as one of the premier woodworking companies in the country.

In addition, Pearson Woodworks has been accessed numerous times by architects, resorts, and even film studios for custom furniture pieces and sets for both indoor and outdoor environments. Their meticulous craftsmanship combined with their extensive knowledge of sustainable lumber sources has impressed many high profile clients over the years. Finally, Pearson Woodworks makes sure to practice transparency when it comes to sourcing materials and other aspects of their process ” demonstrating their commitment to excellence through careful attention to detail as well as a desire for honest reportage on every level.

Latest Developments

Pearson Woodworks is a family-owned and operated business that has been custom crafting superior wood products since 1981. They served as an industry leader all these years, always perfecting their craft so they could provide clients with the ideal solution to their needs.

Recently, Pearson Woodworks unveiled many exciting new developments that they have been working on behind closed doors over the course of the past year. Some of those areas include improved technology to improve efficient streamlining of production; incorporation of renewable raw materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood for better environmental practices; improved advisory services to assist customers in smartly selecting materials and designs for their projects; more durable finishes for added protection; and a catalog showcasing sample styles of their work available. With these progressive updates, Pearson Woodworks has set itself apart as one of the foremost providers in the custom woodworking market. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to serve clients with superior solutions that garner more attention than ever before. They are proud to continue building timeless works of art in collaboration with homeowners, architects, and designers from all around the world.

Product Photos

Pearson Woodworks offers high-quality custom woodworking services and creates stunning products from natural materials. They specialize in custom furniture, cabinetry, flooring, trim work, millwork, and other wood pieces. All of their projects are meticulously crafted with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else.

The product photos featured by Pearson Woodworks showcase the beauty of their craftsmanship and creations. Customers can see the unique textures and patterns created in each project as well as the smooth finish and lasting durability of the final product. In addition to viewing the products themselves, customers can also get a better idea of how they fit into larger spaces through photos taken in different environments. Furthermore, customers can see what options are available, such as customization options or hardware choices on any particular piece of work. All photos are intended to give customers a clear view of what is possible with Pearson Woodworks and encourage them to choose them for all their custom woodworking needs.

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Resources and Links

Pearson Woodworks is dedicated to providing you with the best in woodworking services, materials and tools. Through its Resources and Links section, Pearson Woodworks provides users with access to a number of other helpful websites that allow them to better understand and expand on their craft. From blogs full of project ideas and helpful tutorials, to forums where experienced professionals can share advice and answer questions, these external websites can offer much-needed guidance on anything from picking out the right type of wood to learning how to use power tools correctly. Additionally, customers can find information about trade shows featuring new cutting-edge technology, discover local suppliers where they can purchase equipment at affordable prices, or even explore software specifically designed for creating masterful designs. With its carefully curated list of links, Pearson Woodworks ensures that its customers always have the resources they need to take their projects beyond what they ever thought was possible.


At Pearson Woodworks, we understand the importance of gathering valuable insight from those our staff works with in the industry. To best achieve this, we strive to reach out and interview experts and professionals involved with our company. These interviews serve multiple indispensable purposes such as obtaining valuable feedback about our company’s products and services, establishing closer relationships among industry influencers, and uncovering new ideas for marketing and goal setting amongst other things. We take these interviews madly seriously as it helps our team make relevant decisions that bring success now and into the future.

Company Goals

Pearson Woodworks is committed to growth and success with a long-term vision that guides its short-term goals. The company has several specific milestones it hopes to achieve in the future. This includes increasing their production capacity by purchasing more machinery, expanding their product range by introducing new products into their catalog, improving marketing strategies to ensure wider visibility of Pearson Woodworks in the market, and providing customers with better quality products. Furthermore, the company plans on exploring new markets as well as engaging in partnerships which will enable them to expand outside of their local market and reach international clients. As part of this plan, they also intend to increase customer satisfaction by providing stellar customer service through efficient delivery timeframes while utilizing technology to make the process quicker and more efficient. With these objectives laid out before them, Pearson Woodworks is determined to provide its customers with an unparalleled woodworking experience that will set the standard for the industry.

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Social Media

Pearson Woodworks is a custom woodworking and carpentry workshop that creates unique pieces of furniture and household items. They can craft anything from cabinets and shelving to handcrafted cutting boards and tables. With an increasingly tech-savvy customer base, Pearson Woodworks is looking to highlight their current content and special offers across social media outlets. They can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, SnapChat and more to showcase their custom creations in a fun way or introduce new products or services they offer. Additionally, they may also feature any discounts they are running or announce upcoming events or workshops they’re hosting on social media as well. Doing so will help to create an image of quality goods with the latest trends that customers can get excited about.

Company Culture

At Pearson Woodworks, we are passionate about creating beautiful, lasting pieces of furniture. We see our ethos as being something much greater than just turning wood into a product. Building strong relationships with clients is the cornerstone of our business and we strongly believe in embracing the individuality of each customer’s needs.

When it comes to our team, we strive to create an environment of collaboration, open communication, and creativity that encourages everyone to learn from one another and celebrate successes together. At Pearson Woodworks we also value respect for all individuals regardless of their background or skillset. As such we ensure that all team members have ample opportunity for career development and encourage personal growth with additional training when needed.

Our core values at Pearson Woodworks are based on integrity, quality craftsmanship, respect for the environment, and a commitment to excellence in everything we produce or do. It is important to us that everyone in our organization understands these principles so that we can best serve our customers and create fairly priced products with superior quality they can truly be proud of.

By adhering to our set of values and principles, each person who works at Pearson Woodworks stands by the work that they do”from the designers who plan out new projects to the craftsmen staffing our facility who use their skills to bring these designs into reality without cutting any corners. Our strong culture has been built on ensuring every aspect of what we do upholds this level of expertise with an eye for detail no matter how small it may be”and that passion permeates every aspect of business here at Pearson Woodworks ranging from customer service you receive when inquiring about your next project all the way through fulfillment of your order delivered right to your doorstep.

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