Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan

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Cost breakdown for building the Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan:
– Wood – approximately $50, depending on type of wood chosen.
– Tools – saw, drill, hammer and nails, sandpaper – approximately $100.
– Finishing supplies – sealer and glue – approximately $20.
Total estimated cost: Approximately $170 to complete the Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan.

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Diagram 1:
Step 1: Cut out each piece of the tray according to the dimensions in the plan.

Diagram 2:
Step 2: Apply glue to all edges and assemble pieces together.

Diagram 3:
Step 3: Clamp all pieces together and leave to dry.

Diagram 4:
Step 4: Sand all surfaces, corners, and edges of the tray.

Diagram 5:
Step 5: Finish the tray by applying a coat of stain or varnish to get your desired finish.

Personalized review

I recently purchased the Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan, and it was a great value. The directions were easy to follow and all of the pieces fit together perfectly. I absolutely love the finished product! It is really solid and well-made, which is a testament to the quality of detailed instructions in the plan. I’ve already received many compliments from friends and family about my Puzzle Tray, which makes me very proud. All in all, this woodworking plan is an amazing buy for anyone looking for a quality wood piece to make.

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Showcase customer’s work

The Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan is a great way to showcase the work of customers. It highlights the hard work and efforts of those who have already built a piece utilizing the plan. The plan is designed so that customers can present their work in a beautiful display tray, with various sections for each of the components used in their project. This creates a visually appealing presentation that showcases the customer’s craftsmanship and skill. By using this method, customers can proudly display their finished pieces and give themselves and others recognition for the effort they put into creating it. Additionally, this plan allows others to gain inspiration from other users’ creations, encouraging creativity among those trying to build their own projects with this same plan.

Safety tips

When completing any woodworking project, it is important to take safety precautions. Before beginning the Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan, users should check for any splinters, knots or uneven surfaces on the lumber they use. Additionally, a sharp saw blade and chisel should be used when cutting out parts of the puzzle tray. Eye protection is recommended while using tools that can create sparks or chunks of wood (e.g., drill press). It’s also a good idea to secure pieces being worked on with a vise or clamps so that they remain steady while shaping them with a chisel. Finally, wear protective clothing such as gloves and long sleeves as splinters may form while creating the finished product.

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