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Rj Woodworking Muskegon is a family-owned woodwork shop located in Muskegon, Michigan. Founded by Roger and Kelly Johnson with a determination to create quality custom pieces, Rj Woodworking Muskegon has been proudly serving customers since 2001. At RjWoodworking Muskegon, we strive to provide high-quality products that meet the highest standards of excellence in craftsmanship and materials. Our mission is to provide top-notch services for each project, working closely with our customers so that precise results are achieved every time.

At Rj Woodworking Muskegon, we believe in maintaining excellent customer service, as well as exceptional quality control. We take pride and care in every project to ensure our clients get exactly what they need ” on time and within budget! Our core values include efficiency, sustainability, imagination and craftsmanship. These values allow us to create unique solutions for all types of projects while keeping the environment a priority. No matter the size or complexity of any job we have taken on, we always strive to exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking for something small or big, simple or complex; we accept all kinds of projects here at Rj Woodworking Muskegon!

History of Rj Woodworking Muskegon

Rj Woodworking Muskegon is a woodworking shop based out of Muskegon, Michigan. The team at Rj Woodworking specializes in custom woodworking projects and design services. They predominantly build furniture and cabinetry, but also provide renovation services.

RJ Woodworking Muskegon began when Daniel Rowe (now the company’s owner) was first hired at National Cabinet Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan working on high-end cabinetry for some of the country’s most notable architects and builders. Working with these high-caliber partners allowed Daniel to gain experience in cabinetmaking and building unique pieces of furniture from scratch. His experience there led him to start the business out of his own home garage in 2004″eventually growing it into what it is today: an established award-winning shop dedicated to craftsmanship and superior quality products within the industry.

In the past 16 years, Rj Woodworking has become renown for their quality craftsmanship and customer service that sets them apart from other competitors in their area. Their growth has been stunning and overwhelming throughout each year with more customers coming back for more products and even referrals after each project they completed successfully. Despite hard economic times due to COVID-19 this past year, they managed to push through while following safety protocols set forth by MNOSHA ensuring safety amongst their staff members as well as customers visiting the showroom. In addition, locally Rj Woodworking have helped renovate several parks around town such as Hackley Park near downtown Muskegon”helping contribute to making public spaces beautiful for all residents and visitors alike! They were even recently featured on TLC’s show “The House Counselor” giving them national exposure which helped catapult the business into a larger stardom than ever before!

Overall Rj woodworking remains devoted to their work by providing excellent customer service in addition to high-caliber woodworking projects throughout all of Muskegon County.

Types of Woodworking Projects Completed by Rj Woodworking Muskegon

Rj Woodworking Muskegon specializes in custom, high-quality woodworking projects. Their portfolio includes a range of furniture and cabinetry designs, including kitchen cabinets, built-in storage units, reception counters, artistic pieces such as frames, tabletops and shelves as well as custom architectural millwork. They can also build and install bookcases, bookshelves, entryways, mantels and more.

Stunning examples of possible projects for Rj Woodworking Muskegon include one-of-a-kind armoires complete with intricate carvings and handcrafted details; unique wall units made from exotic woods to highlight the wood’s color and grain; custom built-ins including entertainment centers, desks and office suites; stair installations using spindles; flooring installations which involve detailed workmanship for area rugs; specialty doors that feature intricate scrollwork or carvings; windows with both trim options individually crafted; furniture pieces that are expertly matched from predesigned plans such as dining tables or chairs of any size or detail level ranging from the centuries old tradition to modern styles; stunning kitchen cabinet refacing projects which dramatically improve the look of their clients’ kitchen space. Rj Woodworking Muskegon has even taken on cabinetry consultation projects where they can provide advice on design direction based on their clients’ needs. Photos showcase dozens of completed projects to get ideas in creating your own dream home enhancements.

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What Makes Rj Woodworking Muskegon Unique

Rj Woodworking Muskegon is a family owned and operated business in Michigan that specializes in creating custom wood furniture and a myriad of other products. With nearly 30 years of experience, they provide superior quality craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of design to create beautiful pieces.

Rj Woodworking stands apart from other furniture makers in the area for their commitment to meticulous detail and ensuring customer satisfaction for every individual order. From innovative designs to utilizing an impressive range of materials including hardwoods, softwoods, exotic woods, reclaimed woods, and composite materials, their work truly stands out from their competition. Their broad selection of finishes lets customers choose from anything ranging from antique coating styles to contemporary designs. They also offer a personalized approach to each project — from providing expert guidance on measurements and design details all the way to offering advice on how best to preserve your chosen products or services for added longevity.

Not only does Rj Woodworking take pride in the exceptional quality furniture they make but also go above-and-beyond when it comes to customer service. From installation through post-purchase support they strive to go beyond expectations each and every time they are commissioned with a job. Regardless of how small or large the project may be everyone is treated with the same respect and care both before, during, and after any transaction has been completed.

In addition to their signature pieces such as dining room sets and bookcases they also offers upholstery services where they can help design entire living rooms as well as re-upholster existing furniture. As if this weren’t enough Rj Woodworking also offers cabinet making; professional building remodeling; interior and exterior carpentry work like flooring or staircase cladings; construction services for those who need new decks or patio extensions. All these services come together thanks to their talented and dedicated team of employees whose passion drives them into providing unparalleled services every day.

Awards and Recognition Received by Rj Woodworking Muskegon

Rj Woodworking Muskegon is a woodworking and furniture business based in Muskegon, Michigan. Since its founding in 2011, the company has received a variety of awards and recognition for their professional standards and craftsmanship.

In 2013, Rj Woodworking Muskegon was awarded an Excellence in Craftsmanship Award from the National Association of Woodworkers. They have also been chosen as the Best Custom Furniture Maker in the region by both Topix Weekly and Today’s Home Magazines.

Additionally, they have been featured in multiple national magazines and websites such as The Family Handyman and Design Magazine of Times Magazine for their unique designs which accentuate the beauty of wood craftsmanship. Furthermore, Rj Woodworking Muskegon often receives requests to showcase their works on TV or at exhibitions due to their high-quality design aesthetics featuring classic elements combined with modern tastes.

Throughout the years, Rj Woodworking Muskegon has consistently exceeded customer expectations and established itself as one of the premier woodworking businesses in the area. Their blends between classic and modern styles are backed up by quality materials and top workmanship which has earned them recognition across multiple industries.

Community Impact of Rj Woodworking Muskegon

Rj Woodworking Muskegon is making a positive impact in their community by taking part in social responsibility initiatives. They have committed to working with local schools and community organizations to help children learn the basics of woodworking and carpentry while teaching important safety skills. The company also participates in outreach events, such as providing demonstrations at high school career days and other youth events, where students can gain hands-on experience with woodworking tools and materials. Their commitment extends beyond the classroom, though; Rj Woodworking Muskegon has developed meaningful relationships within the greater Muskegon area by donating time and resources to green initiatives such as planting trees or building benches for public parks. In addition to providing free woodworking classes for local children and teenagers, the company engages in charitable work with food banks and other charities to help provide essential items to people in need. By investing in their local community through social initiatives, Rj Woodworking Muskegon is not only helping to create a better community for everyone but also showcasing their own commitment to social responsibility.

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Reviews and Testimonials From Clients

Rj Woodworking Muskegon has an impressive track record of satisfied customers. Reviews and testimonials left by clients who have experienced the exceptional craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer service offered by Rj Woodworking Muskegon highlight their commitment to excellence in the woodworking industry. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from numerous individuals attest to the high level of quality work delivered by this company. Apart from superior quality workmanship, many customers reported being highly satisfied with the on-time completion of projects, the collaborative approach taken throughout the process, and responsiveness to inquiries along with helpful advice when needed. Furthermore, customers also consistently praised Rj Woodworking Muskegon for their open communication throughout all stages of a project and how quick any issues were resolved in a timely manner. Overall, reviews and testimonials submitted to Rj Woodworking Muskegons’ website paint a clear picture that this is a company which sets high standards for excellence in design and craftsmanship while providing truly outstanding customer service before, during, and after project completion.

Expert Tips and Resources From Rj Woodworking Muskegon

Rj Woodworking Muskegon is a leading resource for expert advice and resources in the world of woodworking. They provide specialized tools, tutorials, and guidance that make every project easier for beginning to advanced woodworkers. Whether you’re looking for ways to customize your furniture or trying to build something from scratch, Rj Woodworking have the answers. Their online blog provides helpful tips on how to use different materials, techniques and styles to create beautiful pieces. The team at Rj Woodworking is composed of experienced carpenters who specialize in traditional craftsmanship as well as modern production methods. To help their customers succeed they also offer classes with step-by-step instructions on completing both simple projects and complex ones with confidence. With their knowledge and resources, any woodworker can find the perfect solution whether they are building something custom or buying products online.


RJ Woodworking Muskegon offers an excellent range of woodworking services to fit your needs. They are highly experienced in all aspects of custom design, material selection, construction, and installation for a wide variety of projects. With their many years of experience, they provide superior quality craftsmanship with the utmost attention paid to detail. Furthermore, they are insured and bonded to ensure maximum protection for customers. These qualities make them a reliable and trustworthy name in woodworking that you can rely on when looking for help with any kind of woodworking needs. For these reasons, we strongly recommend RJ Woodworking Muskegon as your choice for woodworking services in the area.

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