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RJ Fine Woodworking has been designing and crafting custom wood products for its clients since 1974. The company is based in Hillsboro, Oregon and operates out of a single workshop that specializes in exquisite furniture pieces from elegant bedrooms to timeless dining sets. The furniture pieces are crafted from carefully selected woods such as mahogany and teak, with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship paid to the design process at every step. All of their designs are made-to-order, emphasizing customized pieces that take into account the client’s exact needs.

RJ Fine Woodworking has a rich heritage of quality woodworking traditions that have spanned generations. From the time of founder Richard Johnson’s apprenticeship with master carpenter Jon Stoddard in 1969, RJ Fine Woodworking continued to develop an impressive portfolio of handcrafted arts including garden gazebos, bedroom suites, bookcases, coffee tables and other unique items tailored to individual tastes. They have also consistently adhered to high standards of quality control while producing their furniture – using only select hardwoods such as teak, walnut, cherry and mahogany that meet their strict specifications for material quality. Furthermore, they employ experienced craftsmen who take pride in their workmanship – creating stunning furniture pieces that appear better than store bought furnishings yet not compromising on functionality or durability.

RJ Fine Woodworking also focuses on environmental sustainability through eco-friendly practices at every level of production from sourcing materials to packaging finished products for consumers. The company recycles all scrap wood parts during manufacturing thus reducing its global footprint by minimizing waste sent to landfills across the country. Additionally, RJ Fine Woodworking utilizes renewable forestry practices when procuring materials so only sustainably sourced wood is used when constructing each piece of furniture. Therefore customers can rest assured knowing that their purchase is not just beautiful but ethical as well – made utilizing sustainable resources where possible whilst also preserving classic techniques like mortise and tenon joinery which has remained unchanged since its inception centuries ago.

The Artistry and Craftsmanship Behind RJ Fine Woodworking

RJ Fine Woodworking is a small business based out of California’s Central Valley. It specializes in the design and construction of custom wood furniture and products. The woodworking craftsmanship and artistry presented by RJ Fine Woodworking sets them apart from other wood shops. Their custom pieces are unique in weather they are reproducing an old original or creating something brand new. Their team of master craftsmen will take a customer’s vision to create customized pieces that stand the test of time, hand-crafted with precision and attention to detail. These masterpieces are made to last: each piece is carefully treated with an array of finishes which makes the wood colors warm and inviting, preserves it over time, and brings out its natural beauty ” resulting furniture items that can be passed down for generations. Along with creating furniture items, RJ Fine Woodworking also does cabinetry work, built in shelving systems, wall paneling/accent walls and mantels. Their goal goes beyond just making excellent products ” it’s about helping you reach your desired look without compromising on quality or design no matter what their customers’ needs may be! From creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or customizing an existing item to match the room’s décor perfectly ” RJ Fine Woodworking will help bring life into any space in need of some visual enhancements. They understand how important it is when it comes to bringing your vision to life; this is why they provide consultations before starting a project so that everything meets customer satisfaction.

A Look at Past Projects

Rj Fine Woodworking is a small woodworking business owned and operated by Robert Jones for more than 30 years. The business offers custom woodworking services for clients looking to add the beauty of handmade wooden pieces to their home or office. As a skilled craftsman, Robert has created an extensive portfolio of exquisite woodwork over the years that demonstrate his artistry, precision and attention to detail. From cabinets and furniture to intricate inlay designs and artistic carvings, each piece is unique and made with the highest quality materials.

The gallery of custom woodwork crafted by Rj Fine Woodworking spans multiple styles including traditional, rustic, contemporary and modern designs. For traditional styles like Shaker or Mission, Robert is known for his clean lines and timeless appeal that create a pleasing aesthetic wherever the piece is placed. On the other hand, he has produced stunning works of art with his rustic creations”featuring distressed finishes, old-fashioned joints and natural materials like cherry.

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Given his versatility as a craftsperson, Robert’s work also includes many examples of contemporary designs with innovative joinery techniques such as doweling or mortise-and-tenon variations. He also uses non-traditional shapes for making distinctive modern pieces as well as creating intricate marquetry, inlay designs and elaborate carvings that often tell stories through the symbolism represented within the projects he builds upon request from customers.

For more than 30 years now, Robert Jones has built up an impressive body of work for Rj Fine Woodworking that demonstrates his mastery of both traditional woodworking techniques as well as creative flair when it comes to producing one-of-a-kind pieces. As a result, each customer can look forward to highly individualized products crafted with superior quality materials that stand up to wear over time while retaining its beauty. Showing appreciation for customer loyalty throughout the years, Robert maintains frequent contact with all clientele staying current on their needs while earning referrals along the way ” resulting in an ever expanding portfolio showcasing the originality and spectacular quality that only comes from fine craftsmanship made right here in North America’s heartland!

Working Together

Rj Fine Woodworking is a group of professional woodworkers who work together to bring clients their dream creations. The group consists of talented individuals all working towards the same goal ” to bring customers high-quality, artisan products that look beautiful and last for generations.

The creative process is not just a solo endeavor ” it involves all members of the Rj Fine Woodworking team working together. Each member brings their own style and skill set to the table, making creativity a collective experience instead of just one individual’s pursuit. Every member of the team has an important role in the creative process, from brainstorming ideas to executing them effectively. This team approach allows for better problem solving as everyone can bring their own perspective when faced with design and technical challenges.

This collaborative approach is further enhanced by open dialogue among the members from idea inception all the way to completion and delivery. Team members are encouraged to share their ideas openly and communicate transparently so that everyone can contribute equally and come up with the best solution possible no matter how difficult a design may be. From vision boards created by different members during shared brainstorming sessions to workshops held during builds or regular meetings between team leads, communication is key in making sure each project comes out looking perfect in every detail.

Rj Fine Woodworking also takes advantage of modern-day technology when creating their custom pieces, utilizing software such as CAD technologies, 3D printing, and other digital tools that make prototyping even easier while ensuring precision accuracy throughout each build ” something that could not been achieved without both innovation from each individual on the team and cooperation between them as well. With this combination of skills and modern-day tech, Rj Fine Woodworking continue to produce some truly astounding pieces for their clients across many different industries including bespoke furniture for businesses, homes, hotels and more!

Visiting the Shop

Rj Fine Woodworking is an enterprise showcasing the custom works of master craftsman RJ Anderson. RJ has been making award-winning furniture, cabinetry, and home décor since 2010. Having recently opened a new shop on the east side of town, we want to ensure our customers have access to all the pieces that embody true artistry and crafted out of quality materials. To assist with this we are offering shoppers a virtual tour through our shop.

During your virtual tour you will be taken to all sections of our store where you can experience every product before deciding if it’s right for your home or office. You’ll be able to learn about and explore our limited edition collections which include meticulously handcrafted antique reproductions, original furniture creations made from reclaimed wood, timeless classic items made from walnut and other fine woods, as well as modern designs using metal, glass, and stone accents. Our expansive showroom encompasses both complete workspaces such as kitchens and offices as well as individual pieces like dressers, desks, beds and more.

The virtual tour allows visitors to also gain invaluable insight into what goes in to creating these amazing works; you get to observe RJ at work in his state-of-the-art workshop while he talks through some of the processes behind his award-winning pieces. You may even pick up some new ideas for unique designs that could become your own work of art. Rj Fine Woodworking is sure to have something special that fits perfectly within your home or office design vision!

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Client Testimonials

Rj Fine Woodworking has an impressive track record of creating quality pieces out of wood with strong attention to detail. With numerous satisfied clients, the glowing reviews don’t lie. Those who have worked with Rj Fine Woodworking have nothing but positive things to say about their experience and below are just a few examples:

Bill and Allison K. said, “We reached out to Rj Fine Woodworking two years ago as we were building our dream home and needed some custom pieces. From start to finish it was a fantastic experience, especially when we saw the final product. We highly recommend them!”

Claire P. shared, “We recently had the opportunity to work with this amazing team of craftsmen for a project in our newly remodeled living space and we couldn’t be happier! Their attention to detail was so impressive from the custom designs to the finished product ” it made all the difference in our home improvement journey! Five stars for sure!”

Louis D. expressed, “When we decided to upgrade our kitchen cabinets with solid wood instead of veneers, we chose Rj Fine Woodworking and we couldn’t be more pleased! The process was smooth from start to finish and the cabinets turned out stunningly beautiful! We would highly recommended their services if you’re looking for quality craftsmanship.”

It is clear that clients who have contracted services from Rj Fine Woodworking unanimously express satisfaction with their customer service and end results across all projects they complete. It’s no wonder that those who hire them feel empowered by being able to customize every piece they put into their homes or businesses because of keen attention given during each intricate step in designing, constructing, finishing and delivering each masterpiece crafted by Rj Fine Woodworking’s talented hands. Clients never fail to appreciate how much care goes into processing only top-quality natural wood without missing any details along the entire process. It is this exceptional commitment that puts everybody at ease knowing that whatever complex task may come up with turning dreams into reality will surely be taken on in full capacity – punctually too! As one client stated, “From start to finish it was a fantastic experience.” Client satisfaction after working with Rj Fine Woodworking never ceases and continues indefinitely as it carries on for years through recommending them service after service after service…

Celebrating the Future

RJ Fine Woodworking has been in operation for nearly 20 years, offering exceptional quality craftsmanship and bespoke furniture pieces for customers in the Greater Los Angeles area. Over this time, our company has become a leader in producing high-end carpentry solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

As we move into the future, our goal is to continue to provide excellence in workmanship, with an emphasis on sustainable practices and materials. We are committed to sourcing only certified hardwoods that have been harvested either from domestic sources or those countries that adhere to global forestry standards. Wherever possible, all of our furniture pieces will be crafted with FSC-certified wood in order to ensure that they meet the highest environmental standards. Additionally, we plan on utilizing more recycled and reclaimed materials within our production process whenever economically feasible.

Furthermore, we strive to maintain a low carbon footprint as much as possible through minimization of paper products waste as well as utilizing eco-friendly finishes wherever feasible. As part of this effort, we aim to increase the proportion of non-ecological packaging when shipping items out of state and overseas. Finally, it is also important to us that we continue to support local community organizations by donating furniture pieces made by our craftsmen when appropriate requests arise. Through these changes and commitments we hope to demonstrate what responsible stewardship can do for generations yet unborn.

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