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Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is one of the leading stores for woodworking supplies in the Buffalo area. It has been providing residents and visitors with a wide range of tools, materials, and hardware since 1968. Rockler Woodworking Buffalo stocks everything from hand tools to power tools, stains, glues and finishes, lumber, and other milling supplies. It also provides custom woodworking services such as turnings and intarsia. If you’re looking to take your woodworking projects to the next level, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo has just what you need.

At Rockler Woodworking Buffalo you can find an extensive selection of products for all levels of skill. From beginner-level tool sets for newcomers to advanced routers, band saws and planersfor experienced craftsmen; whatever your needs may be there is something in store for you at Rockler Woodworking Buffalo. The knowledgeable staff can also help with cutting guides, sharpening advice or project ideas if you are unsure about your next steps. If you don’t have the necessary skills to complete certain tasks yourself then their team of master craftsmen can make them for you with precision and accuracy. In addition to the wide selection of products offered in-store, Rockler also offers professional education classes on basic techniques and more specialized skills like cabinetry or furniture building so that if needed you can expand upon your knowledge base before taking on new projects. Whether you’re an avid DIY-er or a professional woodworker looking to upgrade or add to your shop equipment; Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is a great place to shop!


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo has been supplying the Buffalo region with quality woodworking supplies for over 65 years. Started in a small shop from two ambitious business partners, the company has been growing ever since. Today it is among the top five suppliers of woodworking materials in New York State.

Rockler Woodworking Buffalo started in 1955 as a small shop owned by partners Ray Hagen and Homer Rockler. The company only had 6 employees at that time but quickly gained popularity because of their dedication to providing exceptional customer service and high quality woodworking supplies. As demand kept increasing, the store was moved to a larger location in 1962, which allowed them to more efficiently provide those products and services, as well as begin expansion into other lines of woodworking products.

By 1975, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo had established itself in the local market with 8 stores across Western New York and 4 more surrounding states. Moreover, they began selling their own line of power tools, lathes and CNC machinery through direct mail order catalogs, allowing customers from all over the country to get access to their easy-to-use tools.

Today, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo operates 21 stores across 9 states along with an online store from which customers can purchase products from anywhere in the globe. Along their growth journey they were able to put in place a network of trained professionals who offer custom classes for both seasoned professionals and novice DIYers who want to perfect their skills in crafting furniture or build something entirely new out of wood. As a leader among its peers Rockler Woodworking Buffalo continues to make investments focused on helping people turn their ideas into beautiful wooden pieces that last for generations.


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo offers a wide selection of products for anyone that enjoys woodworking. From basic hand tools to complex machinery, the company has something for everyone. Some of the most popular products offered by Rockler Woodworking Buffalo include saws and blades, drill bits, router bits, carving tools, workshop accessories, glue and adhesives, abrasives, sanding supplies, clamps, finishing supplies and hardware.
Maximizing efficiency in every projects is simple with reliable power tools like jig saws, scrolls saws and miter saws. For woodcutting needs there are a variety of blades that come in different sizes for an assortment of applications from cutting precise cuts to heavy-duty ripping through thick sheets. Router bits can be used for cabinet door edges or shaping intricate moldings. Project-specific kits provide all the necessary components needed for successful completion.
Carpenters will find a number of must-have hand tools to make project completion easier, including chisels and gouges that come pre-sharpened so they’re ready to use right out of the package; mallets; files; marking gauges; beveled edge gauges; adjustable squares; combining squares; block planes; socket sets; brushing tools like push sticks and feather boards; vise grips and more. Clamping systems such as bar clamps, pipe clamps and holdfasts secure objects while they are worked on or during assembly stages.
The selection of glues helps users achieve DIY greatness by providing the right one for almost any application. Coated abrasives like sandpaper allow users to take on larger projects with ease by avoiding sanding down wood surfaces with sheets of paper taped together or torn ones that looked used before ever breaking out from their packaging box. Finishing supplies bring out a desired look by introducing color as well as lasting protection from weather conditions — exterior stains offer vivid colors while sealer options keep away moisture ideally suited for outdoor furnishings and cabinetry tasks featuring Corian or acrylic craftsmanship pieces which comes in assorted colors too!

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Rockler Woodworking Buffalo offers a range of services to customers, enabling them to get access to the supplies and resources they need when it comes to woodworking projects. Customers can take advantage of a wide variety of services, such as classes and seminars, tool demonstrations, how-to videos, project plans and more. They also get access to in-person advice from experienced staff members that can provide guidance and recommendations on their projects. To access these services customers can visit the Rockler Woodworking store in Buffalo located at 1370 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst NY 14228 or shop online at For more information about the different services offered by Rockler Woodworking Buffalo customers can call 716-837-4208 or email [email protected] for inquiries.


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo offers a wide range of workshops, events, and classes for people interested in learning more about the craft of woodworking. Whether you’re new to the craft or an experienced woodworker, these educational opportunities can help you hone your skills and create beautiful projects that you can be proud of.

The specific workshops available vary from month to month, but may include things like beginner-level basics such as how to use tools like saws and routers as well as more complex topics such as cabinetmaking and finishing techniques. Many classes focus on specific projects you can complete over the course of the workshop, so not only will you learn new skills and gain confidence in the craft, but you’ll also walk away with something tangible. When offered, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo also holds special events that bring local industry professionals together with their customers. In addition to demonstrations and product advice, there are usually door prizes available and other exclusive discounts.

For those who prefer self-paced learning or want more comprehensive instruction than a single day workshop provides, Rockler Woodworking also has online classes available through its own dedicated website. These classes are longer in duration and taught by experienced instructors who can provide detailed step-by-step instruction videos on various projects or techniques. You have access to this educational content anytime from anywhere if you need further clarification after attending one of the live workshops offered at Rockler Woodworking Buffalo. With advantages like these it’s no wonder so many aspiring woodworkers trust Rockler for their learning needs!


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo has multiple locations in the city and the surrounding areas. In addition to the large showroom located in Tonawanda, New York, there are two satellite locations on Sheridan Drive and Transit Road. To find Rockler Woodworking Buffalo, look for the company’s distinctive blue signs with white lettering. The entrances to each location are clearly marked as is parking for both cars and recreational vehicles.

At each location, customers will find knowledgeable staff members willing to answer questions and make recommendations about tools, supplies, and services. The main showroom in Tonawanda offers a wide selection of woodworking supplies including material like lumber, plywood sheets, veneers, carving wood blocks and squares, tool accessories like miter slot runners and T-track fences. Customers can purchase adhesives such as glues and finishes as well as blades for various saws. Customers can even special order items that are not readily available in store.

In addition to offering its full range of products at each location including its signature ClampRite brand clamps, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo also provides educational events such as classes in shop basics, tool tutorials and more at their Tonawanda showroom. Additionally at each store visitors can attend free workshops held every month where experts demonstrate current techniques such as router jigs or narrow cut dovetails using all types of tools from brands such as Kreg Jigs or Porter Cable routers/circular saws that are available within the store’s collection of woodworking equipment.


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is an excellent resource for any carpenter, DIYer, or furniture builder. The store offers a huge selection of tools, hardware, and supplies to assist you in your project. Their knowledgeable staff will help answer any questions you may have and provide advice for projects large and small. The store also offers free design consultations and woodworking classes to further your woodworking skills. With quick order fulfillment, up-to-date information on product availability, and email notifications, they make sure their customers can stay informed on their order status. With Rockler Woodworking Buffalo’s exceptional quality and craftsmanship, customers can rest assured they will find the perfect piece of wood or a unique piece of hardware that is hard to find elsewhere. Customers also benefit from affordable pricing options when it comes to buying supplies in bulk or opting for a long-term plan that offer savings on products purchased over time. There are also discounts offered at various times throughout the year that make shopping at Rockler Woodworking Buffalo even more economical than ever before. Overall, there are many benefits for customers who choose to shop at Rockler Woodworking Buffalo for their carpentry needs – from their vast selection of tools and supplies to expert advice from their knowledgeable team members.

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Customer Feedback

Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is a great place to shop for woodworking materials and supplies. Customers have praised the helpfulness of the staff and the excellent variety of products they have available. They offer quality materials at affordable prices, making them a great choice for both professionals and hobbyists alike. Many customers have had positive experiences with their customer service, noting that it is always friendly and knowledgeable. Additionally, many customers appreciate the store’s free demos, which allows them to gain hands-on experience before purchasing a tool or product. Furthermore, customers frequently share stories of projects they completed with help from the store’s resources and guidance from Rockler’s experts. From intricate furniture sets to small DIY wooden home decor pieces, customers are often pleased with their results when using Rockler’s materials and tools. All in all, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo has earned widespread praise from its customers for delivering top-notch service and reliable products that make completing any woodworking project enjoyable and rewarding.


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is an ideal place for novice woodworkers, experienced woodworkers and everyone in between. For the beginner, there are the classes available such as woodturning workshops and woodworking seminars to help get them started on their first project. For the more experienced woodworker, there is a huge inventory of tools, supplies and accessories like routers, drill presses, saws, routers blades and other equipment to help get even complex projects done. There is also an extensive selection of hardwoods. Furthermore, helpful employees with vast knowledge about what you’re looking for are always glad to answer questions in order to make sure that your project will be nothing but a success story. Lastly, the store offers a myriad of finishing products like oils and stains made specifically for woods of different species so that you can make sure that your project has the best protection against harsh elements. In short, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo has something for everyone’s needs whether they are professional level or brand new entrants into this field.


Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the world of woodworking. Their incredible selection of tools and supplies, combined with their knowledgeable staff, makes it easy and enjoyable to create whatever project you have in mind. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced crafter, Rockler has everything needed to bring your vision to life. With great prices on essentials like adhesives, routers, drill presses, and saws, plus top-of-the-line precision components like dowels, screws and veneers, Rockler has something for every type of woodworker. Finally, their friendly staff is always available to answer any questions or provide guidance on choosing the right materials and tools for a successful outcome. If you’re looking for high quality woodworking supplies and expertise, Rockler Woodworking Buffalo is the place for you!

If you’re ready to get started on your next woodworking project with help from Rockler Woodworking Buffalo; feel free to stop by during store hours or contact them at (716) 893-1348 or via email at [email protected] Their website also provides insightful information about their products as well as helpful how-to videos. We highly recommend Rockler Woodworking Buffalo for anyone who wishes to take their crafting skills to the next level!

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