Rockler Woodworking Dallas

Location & Directions Section

Rockler Woodworking Dallas is located at 2645 Walnut Hill Lane in Dallas, Texas.

Directions from the North: Take I-35 South to Forest Lane East, then head East over US-75 and turn left to stay on Forest Lane. Turn left onto Gano St and drive for 1 mile. Finally, turn right onto Walnut Hill Lane and you will find Rockler Woodworking Dallas on the right side of the road.

Directions from the South: Take I-45 North and take Exit 276A for N. Houston Street towards downtown. Drive 3 miles along N. Houston Street and take a slight left turn onto Walnut Hill Lane where you will find Rockler Woodworking Dallas on the right side of the road.

Directions from the East: Take US-80 West until you merge onto I-35E South/Stemmons Freeway towards downtown Dallas. Follow I-35E South until Exit 414A onto N Walton Walker Blvd and continue 3 miles until you reach Forest Lane West. Turn right onto Forest Lane West towards Gano Avenue and turn left once you get there, driving 1 mile until you reach Walnut Hill Lane where Rockler Woodworking Dallas is located on the right side of the street.

Directions from the West: Head north on 8th Street/Gulden Ln until merging onto I-30 East via Exit 47B then take exit 46A for 2nd Ave toward Convention Center/Downtown and continue straight four blocks before turning left on Poydras St., taking another slight left at McFarlin Rd, heading east 0.3 miles followed by a slight right onto Arlington Ave SW (signs for Mercedes Benz Stadium). Turn left at Los Palmos Blvd following it north 0.4 miles keeping left at Becerra Plaza Drive SW parting with it 0.1 miles later taking a sharp right to stay on Becerra Plaza Drive SW reaching a roundabout after 0.2 miles making your 3rd exit into Grand Ave following it south one block before turning right coming down an incline finishing driving straight north across Tynemouth Road heading slightly east along Park Estates Until finally reaching Walnut Hill Ln in which Rockler Woodworking Dallas will be directly ahead on your right just past Havenwood Dr NW

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Local Partnerships Section

Rockler Woodworking Dallas is proud to be supported by a number of local partner businesses. These partners help make sure that the shop provides quality products and services for its customers. Some of these partners include:

– Austin Hardwoods, located in nearby Spicewood, TX, supplies Rockler Woodworking Dallas with a wide selection of lumber including hardwood species such as walnut, cherry, and maple.

– Lumberyard Supply Company based in Dallas helps Rockler provide customers with high quality hardware like hinges, screws and glues at competitive prices.

– Rockler would also like to thank one of its newest partners – B&W Materials – for their generous supplies of popular woodworking essentials such as exotic woods, abrasives and wood finishing products.

The support from each one of these partner businesses enables Rockler Woodworking Dallas to offer its customers the best possible product selection and service. Rockler would not be where it is today without its partnership with these companies.

Gallery Section

Rockler Woodworking Dallas is a premier destination for experienced and inexperienced woodworkers alike. Showcasing the impressive portfolio of projects that have been completed by customers using their tools and supplies, the image gallery for Rockler Woodworking Dallas will give you a unique insight into the possibilities offered by their wide range of quality products and knowledgeable staff. This visual representation is ideal for providing inspiration to all those who may be newcomers to the world of woodworking or simply want to see what can be achieved. By offering firsthand looks at actual production pieces, potential buyers can get a real idea of ​​the complexity and quality that these projects demand. Additionally, this visual tool will show visitors how easy and accessible high-quality woodworking can be when it’s done right with Rockler Woodworking Dallas.

How to Get Involved Section

Rockler Woodworking Dallas is a great way to get involved with the local woodworking community. There are several ways that readers can show their support and get involved:

Volunteering – Rockler Woodworking Dallas is always on the lookout for volunteers to help out in the store or at community events. The commitment level is entirely up to the volunteer; you can pick and choose which weeks, days, and times work best for you!

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Donating – Donations are an essential part of keeping Rockler Woodworking Dallas alive and well. Monetary donations help pay for things such as store supplies, advertisement costs, and more. Along with money, you can also donate woodworking materials and equipment that may be used as demonstrations in classes or workshops.

Attending Events- The main events hosted by Rockler Woodworking Dallas include open shop nights, instructional classes for all abilities, demo days, seminars about new products available in-store, special discounts on certain items on a designated day of each month, and much more. These events offer a great way to socialize with like-minded people while learning valuable skills.

Frequently Asked Questions Section

Q: What is Rockler Woodworking Dallas?
A: Rockler Woodworking Dallas is a retail outlet for quality tooling, hardware and supplies for the woodworker. It carries a wide selection of lumber, project items, power tools, hand tools, routers and accessories.

Q: What are the services offered by Rockler Woodworking Dallas?
A: Rockler Woodworking Dallas offers design consulting and fabrication services. Additionally, they offer complete custom millwork and finishing services. They also provide sharpening services for blades, saw blades and drill bits. Furthermore they can also be hired to complete large renovation projects or custom furniture builds.

Q: Where can I find Rockler Woodworking Dallas?
A: Rockler Woodworking Dallas is located at 10201 Technology Blvd E Suite 710 in Dallas, Texas.

Q: Do you carry any special products or brands?
A: Yes! In addition to their already expansive product list, Rocker Woodworkinng Dallas carries unique products such as speciality hardware solutions from Salice, high-end cabinet finishes from Rubidea Perfect Italiano Finishes and waterproof glue from Titebond – WeatherMaster. They also offer a variety of specialty woods from Scotland on Loch Bruce Select Woods!

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