Tommy Mac Woodworking

Introduction to Tommy Mac Woodworking

Tommy Mac Woodworking is a cherished family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1992 by Tommy Martin. Starting with simple tools, he developed his skills to craft custom furniture pieces out of wood, skilled carpentry become a lifelong passion. Now family owned and operated by its third generation, we maintain the same commitment to quality and creative passion passed down through generations.

Our core mission remains to provide exceptional products that exemplify classic beauty with timeless design. We understand how important our craftsmanship is to each product, so we make sure that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and innovation before leaving the workshop. With each order we strive for excellence”from the use of local sustainable materials to the customized construction process”for which we have gained a distinguished reputation.

At Tommy Mac Woodworking, we are passionate about creating original furniture from start-to-finish that bring joy into every home we touch. Our vision is to take this craftsmanship beyond functional pieces”sharing our appreciation for fine craftsmanship and design with people around the world so it can live on throughout generations of families everywhere. By working together,we look forward to creating unique items for future memories for many years to come.

Product Highlight

Tommy Mac Woodworking creates high-quality, beautiful, and well-designed woodworking products and services. Handcrafting each piece with attention to detail, Tommy Mac uses superior craftsmanship and locally sourced materials to bring wooden pieces to life. Whether it is for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room project, the ultimate goal of Tommy Mac Woodworking is to craft something that both meets the customer’s needs and matches their vision. With years of experience in designing custom furniture pieces and teaching woodworking classes to those eager to learn more, Tommy Mac stands out in the field due to its commitment to providing exceptional service and quality products. In addition to creating unique woodworking pieces that will last for generations, Tommy Mac also offers maintenance and repair services. Whether a new item needs installing or an older one needs restoring back to its former glory (or better!) ” trust Tommy Mac Woodworking for all your individualized needs.

Behind the Scenes

Tommy Mac Woodworking is an artisan run woodworking shop located in rural New Hampshire. The shop has been in business since 1994 and they specialize in creating high-quality wooden products with a focus on fine craftsmanship. The majority of the items produced grow out of either custom individual projects or wholesale requests.

The production process at Tommy Mac Woodworking starts with selecting the right materials for each product, including finding the right type of wood, stains, and finishes that will be used to create lasting pieces of art. The professional craftspeople then carefully measure and cut the pieces they will use according to blueprints and specifications provided by their customers. After cutting, these pieces are then sanded down to refine and enhance their natural beauty. Then, depending on the product being made, a variety of carpentry techniques are employed from laminating boards together to fashion ornamental trim details and more. Finally, all products are inspected for quality before being given a finishing coat and sent off for delivery!

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Inspirational Stories

Tommy Mac Woodworking strives to create meaningful connections and lifelong memories with each customer. For every product they create, there is a story ” a story of the connection between their team and the customer. Over each project, there is an exchange of ideas and emotions, which contributes to creating something truly special. Through their inspirational stories, customers can read about how the relationship between Tommy Mac Woodworking and the customer has shaped their custom product into something greater than imagined.

These stories illustrate the impact these products have not only on individuals who use them, but also on a larger scale as they become part of lifetime memories. Each woodworking story brings together passion, family values, and pride in craftsmanship. As customers read through these stories, they gain insight into how special a custom piece of furniture or décor can be when its conception follows exact instructions provided by customers that are then brought to life using industry leading craftsmanship at Tommy Mac Woodworking. The end result are products that bring joy and beauty to create lasting memories for each unique clientele’s lifestyle needs.

Embracing Sustainability

At Tommy Mac Woodworking, we are dedicated to embracing sustainability. To us, this means understanding the delicate balance between people and their natural environment while ensuring the wellbeing of present and future generations. Our products incorporate ethically sourced wood, reducing waste and pollution as much as possible.

We strive to use natural renewables like tree bark, limbs and sawdust in our production process which reduces environmental impact. This reduces dependency on non-renewable fuel sources, such as oil and gas, further decreasing our carbon footprint. All of our timber is Forest Stewardship Council Certified or equivalent so that it meets the highest standards for responsible forestry management. We never harvest live trees, only using fallen materials or repurposed lumber from companies who have a commitment to long term sustainability for the environment and industry practices alike.

In celebration of sustainability at Tommy Mac Woodworking we plant trees in local communities with each purchase of a specially marked ¨green tag¨ product to help fight climate change. Additionally, whenever possible our packaging materials are compostable or recyclable so that they can be reused instead of winding up in landfill sites.

Our commitment to sustainable practices also extends into our production processes by powering all equipment used with renewable energy generated primarily through solar power sources. In addition, we’ve recently developed plans to implement a zero-waste manufacturing system within the next five years in order to create a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing facility capable of creating products without producing any excess waste material ” further reducing its already minimal carbon footprint. We stand behind these goals for sustainability because we understand that protecting the environment is an investment into future generations’ well-being both now and into the future.

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Patronizing Culture

At Tommy Mac Woodworking, we strive to promote a patronizing culture, which places greater emphasis on supporting local industry and artisans. Our desire is that customers will have an impulse to buy from our store instead of mass produced products that are often imported or manufactured elsewhere.

In the current climate, with remote lifestyles and increased access to digital shopping alternatives, it’s more important than ever to practice conscious consumerism and prioritize locally produced goods over those available overseas. As potential consumers become more aware of the growing importance of their buying decisions, they may be drawn towards our products due to their higher quality and craftsmanship when compared with those of similar companies. We believe in providing unique pieces for people looking for authenticity in their purchases and a connection with the past instead of the throwaway nature associated with many fast fashion outlets. Our offerings include handcrafted furniture pieces, timbers sourced locally wherever possible, as well as customized designs tailored to individual requirements.

We also recognize how supporting local communities can create powerful impressions upon individuals living within them. At Tommy Mac Woodworking, we attempt to foster real relationships through meaningful engagements while staying true to traditional artisan methods within all aspects of our workmanship. Through this approach we hope to bring further attention to the benefits of supporting local businesses while improving their visibility across regular customers who may previously have been unaware of what they had to offer.


Tommy Mac Woodworking offers a unique blend of quality, creativity and customer service. Whether it is through their custom body of work or the broad ranges of items available for purchase, Tommy Mac has been providing customers with products and services that have become synonymous with beauty, luxury and craftsmanship. The company’s commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as one of the foremost producers in the world of fine woodworking. For those looking to explore their creative spirit, Tommy Mac offers workshops, classes and mentorship opportunities. Through these diverse offerings they seek to provide customers with an immersive experience that brings out their inner carpenter. By elevating their appreciation for this time-honored craft, readers can be inspired to discover the magical impact that comes from creating something beautiful with your own two hands. So if you’re in search of unique pieces or if you’d like to learn more about the artistry behind woodworking, look no further than Tommy Mac Woodworking – where skill and innovation are always on full display!

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