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Woodworking is a skill that has been passed down from generations, and in the city of Ottawa, this art form still has a thriving presence. One local woodworker in particular who has served as an ambassador for this age-old craft is Harry Petite, who has proudly called himself an Ottawan for well over 50 years. Harry’s long tenure in the community has only bolstered his commitment to woodworking and to teaching others the valuable lessons it offers.

Benefits of Woodworking

Woodworking in Ottawa is a great way to reduce stress and get into a creative flow. Not only is it an enjoyable activity, but it also has numerous health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The physical benefits of woodworking include developing dexterity, fine motor skills, and muscle strength in your arms, hands, and back. As you become more proficient at this craft, you may find that the time spent making things becomes easier with each new project.

In addition to physical health benefits, woodworking can also help improve mental clarity and mindfulness. A creative task like woodworking requires concentration and focus in order to ensure success, which is why it can work as a form of therapy for those looking to calm their minds while staying productive. It encourages you to be in the moment and pay attention to important details; this type of mindful thinking allows one’s creativity to flourish and can result in remarkable craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the satisfaction associated with creating something useful or even beautiful out of wood provides a sense of accomplishment ” something that most people struggle to experience on day-to-day basis. The pride one feels after building something from scratch gives precedence to future projects as well as overall life achievement while also improving self-confidence.

Great Woodworking Outdoor Spaces

Sawdust City in Almonte, Ontario is a great outdoor woodworking space for locals. The town’s roots in the lumber industry created a well-rounded place for anyone to come and practice their woodworking skills. Sawdust City offers a variety of educational programming such as beginner classes, intermediate workshops and demonstrations, along with access to tools. Visiting experts have also been invited to lead unique classes on special projects. The workshop is equipped with all the basic necessities, like band saws and jointers, to help novice woodworkers build unique items or even furniture pieces. The goal of Sawdust City is to continue to promote the trades in an area so rich with lumber history by providing access to tools and equipment free of cost! All visitors are given access to detailed safety instructions and recommendations of materials used throughout each project.

What To.Expect From Woodworking In The Everglades

Courses and Workshops

Woodworking Ottawa offers a variety of courses and workshops that range from beginner to advanced levels. Beginner classes include introduction to woodworking, basic measurement and layout, machine setup and usage, joinery techniques as well as sanding and finishing. The intermediate courses cover topics such as carpentry, cabinetry construction and furniture making. Advanced courses offer instruction concerning stair building, custom cabinetry design, bookcase and window construction, hand tool use and much more.

All of our courses and workshops require the use of professional-grade tools so participants are expected to bring their own personal tool sets. Some of the materials necessary for these classes can be purchased directly from Woodworking Ottawa or you may provide your own if you prefer.

Woodworking Supply Stores and Resources

1. Table saw ” Used for cutting wood into accurate shapes and sizes quickly. Available in stores such as Rona or Lowe’s.
2. Router ” Used to create curved and grooved edges on wood pieces. Can be found at Lee Valley Tools or Amazon.
3. Hand plane ” A power-free tool used to make thin shavings of wood off a workpiece in order to achieve an even surface finish. Home Depot carries a variety of hand planes from Stanley and Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.
4. Chisel ” Used for everything from chopping through mortise joints to creating intricate carvings on the surface of a piece of wood. Lee Valley Tools carries chisels from trusted brands like Barr tools, Narex tools, and Crown Hand Tools.
5. Jigsaw ” Another versatile tool which can be used for cutting circular patterns, curves, straight lines, freehand shapes and more in hardwoods or softwoods alike; available at most hardware stores including Rona and Canadian Tire
6. Sander ” An invaluable tool that is used to smooth out rough wooden surfaces using various grades of sandpaper or other abrasives; can be found at any home improvement store including Home Hardware or Lowes

1. Dovetail Joints – These are joined corner joints used commonly in drawers, cabinets, chests and boxes where precise angles are required to prevent pieces coming apart under stress; can be done by hand with a chisel or with powered tools such as routers or jigsaws
2. Carving – There are various techniques used to carve intricate designs out of wood, ranging from traditional methods such as pyrography (using fire) to specialty tools like power chisels; both sculpting tools and carving knives can be purchased online from specialist retailers like Hock Tools
3. Finishing – Finishing is usually the final part of the process when building furniture with wood; different types of varnish, oil, stain and wax can all be applied depending on the desired colour/finish; these products are available from hardware stores like Lee Valley Tools

Collectible Woodworking Tools

Continuing the Legacy

Woodworking has been a proud tradition in Ottawa for generations, and there are many ways to keep this legacy alive. Art shows featuring renowned masters of the craft can give the public a glimpse into what makes woodworking so special. Annual competitions can encourage up-and-coming woodworkers to hone their skills alongside professionals and gain recognition for their work. Community events such as workshops or clinics can be offered to teach members of the public how to get started with woodworking, providing knowledge and resources to budding enthusiasts on their quest for craftsmanship. There is also often an opportunity at these events for experienced woodworkers to connect and share their own methods and techniques, passing down wisdom from one generation of makers to the next. Whatever it takes, woodworking in Ottawa should never be forgotten!


If you are interested in furthering your knowledge and skillset in woodworking, joining a woodworking club in Ottawa could be the perfect way to do it. By taking part in a club, you can benefit from the experience of others and interact with fellow hobbyists who share a common interest. You may even find yourself working on projects with other members, resulting in a greater level of craftsmanship than would otherwise be possible. Additionally, clubs often hold workshops or classes providing an opportunity to learn about specialized techniques and take part in activities that will help refine your skills. The resources of such a club make joining one an essential endeavor for anybody serious about woodworking.

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