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The Woodworking Show in Collinsville, IL is a renowned event filled with delightful creative works and excellent exhibitors. Visitors can expect to see displays of an array of incredible wooden items, such as chairs, tables, benches, cabinets, sculptures and carvings. Experts and enthusiasts from all over the country come together to share their experiences and knowledge with other woodworkers. Different types of tools used for woodworking are also available for purchase at the show.

This year’s show promises interesting activities that will appeal to both beginner and experienced woodworkers alike. Seminars on various topics related to woodworking techniques as well as demonstrations highlighting intricate techniques are available throughout the show for visitors to learn about specific skillsets in even more detail. Guests will also be able to meet some of the country’s top woodworking artisans from various interests including Eastern European, French Country and Shaker-style furniture making. Several prizes and awards will be presented to outstanding craftsmanship at the certification ceremony held towards the end of the day so everyone can celebrate extraordinary skill sets displayed throughout this yearly event.

History of the Show

The Woodworking Show Collinsville Il is organized by Popular Woodworking. The first show was held in 2000 and has become a recurrind annual event. It is held every year during the first week of October at the Gateway Center in Collinsville, Illinois and offers activities for the entire family.

The show features woodcarving exhibits, woodworking lectures and demonstrations from leading professionals such as Michael Fortune, Mario Rodriguez, Roy Underhill, David Marks, and others. It also includes educational workshops from Easy Wood Tools, Grizzly Industrial, FastCap LLC and other large companies dedicated to both amateur and professional woodworkers.

Every year, there are contests with prizes such as tools, accessories and lumber donated by vendors that range from big names like General International Power Products to local companies like Woodline Solutions. There is also an auction where attendees can bid on or buy select items donated by participants and organizations during the event.

Moreover, the show is regularly visited by prominent woodworkers, hobbyists, collectors and businesses all looking to keep up with the growing trend of using high-quality woodworking techniques to make furniture and other wood crafts. As such, through its connection with several vendors across North America Popular Woodworking plans activities that bring together everyone with an interest in the craftsmanship of wood pieces to exchange ideas about new products being launched on the market as well as tricks for tackling complex projects.

Demonstrations, Workshops and Lectures

The Woodworking Show in Collinsville, IL is the ultimate destination for woodworking enthusiasts. Attendees can expect to find the latest tools and supplies from leading brands, as well as demonstrations and interactive workshops from veteran woodworkers. These skill-building sessions allow attendees to learn new techniques for working with wood, such as turning, joinery or pattern making. Other presentations provide insight into topics like wood finishing or combine artistry with practical craftsmanship. Beyond these interactive activities, there will also be lectures on topics ranging from tool selection to project design. Also featured are some of the most experienced and renowned local leads exhibiting their best creations. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or just purchase supplies, you’ll find what you need at this exciting event!

Vendor Map

Collinsville, IL is the site of a popular annual woodworking show that attracts both seasoned experts and novices alike. The show features dozens of vendors from all around the world selling their custom crafted furniture, tools, and more. In addition to the wide range of items offered there’s also a variety of educational workshops and seminars in carvings, turnings, and other specialized techniques. From tiny wooden jewelry boxes to massive hand-crafted beds and armoires, visitors with an appreciation for wood can find it all at this one stop shopping extravaganza.

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The Vendor Map is an invaluable tool when planning a trip to the Woodworking Show Collinsville IL. Designed as a comprehensive list of exhibitors at the event, it gives patrons a great idea of which stalls they should stop by during their visit. The detailed descriptions of each vendor include information such as their name, contact details, location in the hall and what kind of products they offer. Customers can use this information to make sure they don’t miss out on any unique products or services that may be available at certain stalls only.

In addition to providing basic booth information about vendors attending the Woodworking Show Collinsville IL ,the Vendor Map offers customers an up-to-date list of special deals or discounts currently available from each exhibitor too. Whether it’s discounted memberships for local craft stores or special purchase prices for larger orders, customers can use this feature to plan ahead and get even more out of their experience. For example, if one booth is offering 20% off on select items then shoppers can make sure they plan enough time in their schedule to take advantage before it ends! With so much offered by this invaluable map tool shoppers are sure to walk away completely satisfied ” both with their purchases as well as with what they’ve learned during their visit.

Why Attend the Woodworking Show

Attending the Woodworking Show in Collinsville, Illinois is a great way to learn about the art of woodworking in a hands-on environment. Specializing in fine furniture building and restoration, the show offers access to knowledgeable professionals who can provide individualized instruction for beginner and expert woodworkers alike. Attendees will be able to explore the latest tools, supplies, and equipment for crafting quality pieces that will last for generations. Moreover, you’ll gain skills such as upholstery techniques and joinery knowledge that can easily be implemented into your own projects. Not only that, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other woodworkers from all around the region, share ideas and techniques with one another. Finally, anyone attending will also be exposed to some of the best works in contemporary craftsmanship masterfully created by featured exhibitors throughout the show. So don’t miss it! Come out and experience what this unique show has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Woodworking Show Collinsville Il?
A. The Woodworking Show Collinsville Il is an annual event that showcases the best in woodworking tools, supplies and technologies from across North America. It brings together professional and amateur woodworkers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and manufacturers from around the region. During the event, exhibitors display their wares and demonstrate cutting-edge techniques to help attendees get the most out of their projects. Attendees also have access to seminars and workshops featuring comprehensive presentations by industry experts. At the end of each day, “hands-on” demonstrations are offered to allow attendees to get a firsthand look at how various tools and products can enhance their workmanship.

How to Make the Most of the Show

Attending the Woodworking Show in Collinsville, IL should be a fun and informative experience. To ensure that you get the most out of your visit, here are some preparation tips:

1. Make a plan: Before leaving for the show, take some time to research the different exhibitors and attractions. Be sure to note any special discounts or promotions they are offering. Also, consider how you will travel there and how much time you can dedicate to exploring the show.

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2. Gather supplies: Bring along all of your woodworking gear including measuring tapes, clamps, saws, hammers and other tools so you can make the most of your visit. You’ll also need something to transport any items or supplies you may collect during your journey. A backpack or wheeled cart is strongly recommended!

3. Don’t forget to dress comfortably: During both cold winter days and warm summer nights, it’s important that you bring enough clothes so you stay comfortable while strolling around the show floor. Additionally, bear in mind that noise levels may be high due to machinery demonstrations at various stands, so it is advised to wear appropriate ear protection when necessary.

4. Do not overlook safety precautions: Closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles are important to prevent slips and falls while walking around the exhibition hall floor – especially around sharp objects or wet surfaces! In addition, remember to bring gloves if needed and always wear eye protection when making use of power tools or operating machinery on site .

Showcase Your Talent

The Woodworking Show, in Collinsville, IL, is a great way to show off your woodworking skills and showcase your talent. Each year woodworkers from all over the Midwest come to this show to display their projects, network with other professionals, and demonstrate their expertise.

There are several opportunities for participation at the Woodworking Show:

1. Participants can exhibit their work in one of the shows many displays – entries can range from traditional furniture styles to innovative and experimental projects. Winners are eligible for prizes such as cash, equipment or tools.

2. Participants can also enter their work into contests or competitions for awards including Best In Show, People’s Choice Award, Best Design and Craftsmanship Award, and Best Modern Design Award.

3. If participants feel like networking with other woodworkers and trade secrets and tips, they can join a panel discussion or participate in a Q&A session- giving them a chance to teach others about their craft.

4. Companies that specialize in woodworking materials and tools often have vendor booths at this show where participants can purchase new items for their workshop as well as get answers about troubleshooting techniques from experts on the spot.

5. A variety of demonstrations (both beginner-level such as scroll saws and intermediate-level such as greenwood working) and hands-on workshops are hosted throughout the duration of the conference with experts who share valuable knowledge on the art of woodworking.


The Woodworking Show Collinsville IL was a huge success! Hundreds of woodworkers and craftspeople attended the event, filled with informative presentations and demos, as well as exciting woodworking competitions. We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the show. It wouldn’t have been as successful without all of you!

As we wrap up this wonderful event, we’d like to remind our attendees to stay connected via social media for more updates on upcoming events, demos, and competitions. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest news about the popular Woodworking Show Collinsville IL. Don’t miss out”join us today!

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