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Woodworks Records is the premier spot for music lovers looking to find that special vinyl record. Located in the heart of downtown, Woodworks Records has become one of the best-known locations for finding sought-after albums and newly released singles. Of course, searching through their vast selection can be a daunting task but they make it easy with records organised alphabetically by artist, as well as stylistically by genre.

Beyond this world-class selection, what makes Woodworks Records truly unique is their team of knowledgeable staff. Whether you are browsing titles or seeking recommendations, the experienced staff members are there to help ensure that you walk away satisfied and with a new favorite album under your belt. With an accommodating atmosphere, customers always come first””offering helpful tips and advice while genuinely taking interest in each customer’s taste in music. Every shopping experience at Woodworks is not only educational but rewarding too as customers will have no trouble discovering something new and exciting every time they return.


Woodworks Records is a premier record store located in the heart of the city. Started in 1982 as a small, single-person operation, Woodworks Records has since grown and evolved into a thriving business that continues to serve customers and music enthusiasts across the country.

The company’s initial owner, John Smith, started Woodworks Records in 1982 after recognizing a need for local record stores. He was passionate about music, and saw an opportunity to provide customers with access to quality vinyl records ” something he noticed was missing from the market. After starting out by selling only records out of his garage, John soon opened up a storefront shop with multiple outlets across the city.

Over the years, Woodworks Records has gained immense success with their knowledgeable staff and diverse inventory of new releases and hard-to-find collector items. As digital music emerged in the 2000s, Woodworks Records adjusted their services to provide analog recordings alongside modern formats such as CDs and mp3s. Additionally, they launched an online marketplace which enabled customers to purchase vinyl records from all over the world ” something which was unheard of before then.

Today, Woodworks Records is one of the leading record stores in its region ” earning numerous awards for providing an amazing selection of albums at competitive prices. The store also frequently hosts album release parties and live performances from some of today’s biggest names in music so that their customers can enjoy brand new music firsthand. This unique approach to offering a true music experience has allowed the business to remain at the forefront of innovation while retaining a strong connection to its original roots in vinyl records sales.

Vinyl Collection

Woodworks Records is a vinyl record shop that specializes in carrying classic and rare records, carefully selected to offer their customers an expansive choice of high-quality albums. They have been in business since the early 2000s and are known around the world for their vast selection. On top of their catalogue of classic label releases, they also seek out exclusive pieces from independent labels, and store them in an online vault. The company’s core value is to bring people together through music”whether that’s by hosting regular events or having an expertly curated selection.

The Woodworks Records vinyl collection features a mix of new and used records, offering everything from current pop hits to rare jazz recordings. Each item is carefully inspected for condition before being listed for sale on the website. There’s a wide array of albums from artists across numerous genres: rock, punk, blues, folk, hip-hop, soul, funk, country ” you name it! All records come with complete sleeve artwork and liner notes; some even ship with original inserts like postcards or other memorabilia. Furthermore, they feature a “collectors corner” which includes premium items such as limited edition coloured vinyl pressings, picture discs and unique one-off releases sourced from all over the world. Woodworks Records also has an extensive selection of international imports such as reissues on hard to find titles from Japan and Europe that may have never seen release in North America.

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Exclusive Releases

Woodworks Records is one of the leading independent record labels in the music industry, dedicated to uncovering and releasing artists from around the world who have a unique sound and vision. With over 25 years of experience, Woodworks Records is an established name in the industry and has released exclusive records by artists such as Björk, The Cure, Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

The label’s portfolio ranges from popular acts to underground projects, specializing in limited edition releases rarely available on online platforms. Working with appealing vinyl collections created especially for their audience, Woodworks Records ensures music enthusiasts can have access to unique audio-visual experiences through material that’s never been released before. As well as this they also offer special package deals which include original hand-crafted artwork highlighting each artist’s individual perspective on their music genre. These carefully curated packages are made up of one-off album pressings crafted entirely by hand in limited quantities.

Furthermore, Woodworks Records encourages listeners to explore fresh sounds without prior knowledge or expectations of what may come ahead. Through workshops held all over the world by industry professionals, customers can gain insight into how records are recorded, pressed and distributed while exploring the many genres available at their fingertips. This combination of new discoveries and classic favorites make them a preferable choice for music fans looking for more than just digital files sent straight to their phones.

Listening Room

Woodworks Records listening room is a place to truly experience the atmosphere and entertainment of live music events. Guests can immerse themselves in the sound of the performance, and even interact with musicians. The venue has become a hub for local artists to showcase their work. Hosting a variety of concerts, workshops and talk shows, it provides people with an audio-visual journey they won’t forget. As well as this, the listening room offers educational programs such as lectures from guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields. All these events provide an opportunity for music lovers to explore various genres in an intimate setting without having to leave the comfort of their home. During these times, Woodworks Records also places major emphasis on safety through providing sanitizing stations for all guests to use before entering the room, regular temperature checks and social distancing regulations being enforced during each event taking place.

Record Maintenance

Woodworks Records uses a variety of techniques for preserving and organizing records. They invest in quality storage solutions, such as acid-free boxes, within which records are placed in individual sleeves and stacked alphabetically. In addition to physical record storage, the store also utilizes digital preservation techniques such as databasing, scanning records into PDFs or other digital formats, and creating copies of important artifacts using high-quality equipment. Furthermore, they are dedicated to keeping their space clean and dust-free to ensure their records last long into the future. They frequently check up on an archive’s condition by assessing humidity levels and making sure the records are not too exposed to potentially damaging fluctuations in temperature or sunlight. Ultimately, Woodworks Records is committed to preserving its invaluable archives by investing both in quality digital and physical preservation methods and ensuring the protection of its original pieces with vigilance and dedication.

Online Shopping

Woodworks Records has created an expansive website to help make shopping for records easy. The homepage enables you to browse the store catalog of thousands of albums, compare prices and read reviews from other customers about their experiences with a product before making your purchase. In addition, the website provides helpful options like flagging your favorite albums so you can easily find them in the future and creating a wish list so you can keep an eye out for new releases or discounted items. For those who want to shop more quickly, there’s a convenient search function offering results with just a few words. You can also narrow down your search by genre, artist, price range and special offers. When it’s time to checkout, Woodworks Records offers several secure payment methods including PayPal and major credit cards. They also offer free delivery when ordering certain items over $20 dollars. To top it off they offer a customer service line ready to assist you in case something goes wrong or if you have any additional questions during or after placing your order.

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Support Local

Woodworks Records is a vinyl record store that strives to promote and support the local music industry. As such, they make sure to feature an extensive collection of records from local artists and producers whenever possible. Furthermore, the store supports local musicians through events such as in-store performances, artist residencies, album releases and more. Additionally, Woodworks Records offers workshops to help educate aspiring musicians on how to properly promote their music so it reaches a wider audience. By doing this, they are able to nurture the talent of emerging local music stars while gaining more exposure for their favorite acts. They have also partnered with many music companies which have helped them create a robust selection of local albums that span different genres and styles. With dedicated staff who pride themselves on helping people discover great records from local talent, Woodworks Records is an essential resource for those seeking to explore new sounds from up-and-coming artists in their area.

Special Offerings

Woodworks Records offers a variety of member incentives and exclusive discounts to make shopping more enjoyable. As a member, your shopping experience starts with an initial sign up bonus that includes free shipping on all orders with no minimum spending requirement. Also included is free access to our digital download store, where you can find high quality digital downloads of your favorite music and audio tracks Affiliated with the top labels in the industry, we guarantee only the best quality audio track downloads available!

Members also get exclusive access to our members-only online store. Here, you can find exclusive limited edition vinyls and other physical pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You will also receive preferential pricing for specific products, early access items that haven’t even hit retail shelves yet, plus giveaways and contests as well as special discounts throughout each season! This ensures that Woodworks Records members always have something new waiting in their mailbox each week. Finally, all Woodworks Records members are eligible to join our official fan club. Through this network, members have the opportunity to connect directly with our label’s most influential artists as well as others who share their love for music from around the world. We look forward to having you join us and become part of our family here at Woodworks Records!

Closing Thoughts

Woodworks Records is the ideal place for music lovers who are looking for something new and interesting. With their wide selection of genres, from rock and pop to country, folk and classical, there is something for everyone. In addition, their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect record to fit your musical tastes. So what are you waiting for? Come on down to Woodworks Records today and start finding that special piece of vinyl you’ve been craving! Let their great selection and welcoming environment make your music shopping experience a memorable one.

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