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When comparing Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks with similar products on the market, customers should be aware of cost. Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks products routinely cost less than competitors and feature advanced technology that was previously only available with certain budget-busting brands. Customers can expect prices ranging from $3-43 per panel depending on the size and series chosen, with larger sizes being more expensive. In addition, shipping and handling charges will vary substantially based on location and order total. With easy payment plans and flexible financing options available, Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks provides budget-conscious customers with a superior product without breaking the bank.

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At Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks, we understand that our environmental impact isn’t just confined to our products, but also to each step of their manufacturing process”from raw material procurement to finished product shipping. We strive for sustainability by using materials from certified sustainably-managed forests, and by utilizing best practices for air quality in our fabrication processes. Additionally, all of our ceiling products are designed for an extended service life and made with recycled content to minimize the impact on landfills. We also use biobased packaging materials whenever possible on most of our products. This commitment to environmental stewardship helps us reduce waste and safeguard the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

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Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks have earned numerous awards and accolades within the industry, most recently winning the Architectural Products’ 2018 Award of Excellence for Interior Light reflectance (ILR) ceiling products.

The company has also been honoured with a 2017 Building Product of the Year Award, as well as being named one of National Floor Trends ‘Hot Products’ for 2019.

Additionally, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks, who consistently receive positive reviews from customers praising their range and installation features. Customers frequently report that their ceilings are easy to install and are aesthetically pleasing once installed. They also cite great value for money and long-term durability as chief reasons they would recommend the product to others.

Include a section on design ideas

Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks is an ideal way to add natural warmth and beauty to any workspace. Whether your office space is small, large, or somewhere in between, Armstrong has the perfect wood solution for you. From traditional patterned and textured designs to modern linear styles, there’s something for everyone. Here are some design ideas featuring Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks:

1. Bring Nature Inside ” Warm up a space with wood panels that evoke the outdoors. Choose planks in shades of walnut, oak, blonde and cherry crafted in eye-catching patterns like herringbone and chevron.

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2. Brighten Up The Room ” Brighten up a room by choosing vibrant accents or playful shapes to feature on the ceiling or wall space as Armstrong has plenty of bold colors to choose from! Create abstract designs that exude energy and movement and bring life into any room.

3. Highlight Architectural Features ” Feature existing architectural details with wood accent walls in the same hue as the structure’s exterior finish or other complementary colors. Enhance ceiling heights with vertical planks that draw attention upwards using materials such as cedar, birch, hickory or maple in lengths of 4-8 feet depending on application type.

4. Textural Charm”Bring texture and visual interest through embossed wood panels painted in striking colors that complement your existing decor scheme and create beautiful focal points within a space. Consider plank sizes ranging from 12”x6” up to 48”x24” with options available for both standard wall systems (Fasade) or suspended ceilings (Tegular).

Whatever design look you choose for your workspace, Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks will provide you with quality products that are easy to install, maintain and enjoy for years to come!

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Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks products can be installed easily with some simple do-it-yourself tips:

To start, read all instructions and safety precautions that come with the product package. Make sure to follow any local building codes and other pertinent regulations regarding installations.

Next, using a level or plumb line, determine where you should place the starter strips for the ceiling grid. Keep in mind that there is usually a small gap between two adjacent rows of panels. To make sure it is even, use a spacer bar.

In preparation for the installation of ceiling panels, be sure the surface is clean and free of foreign materials that could prevent secure adhesion. Also be aware that heavy items like furniture should not be stored underneath recently installed Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks products in case they weigh down on them.

Secure the ceiling panels of your choice by placing them into the tracks of the grid and using tin snips to cut off any additional material if needed. Place flat edge seam clips around all visible seams for better stability and appearance.

Once everything is finished, depending on what type of system you chose you may need to paint or stain it ever so slightly so as to not disrupt its shingles or planks aesthetic qualities (if applicable).

Include a section on lead times

Lead times vary depending on the product, size and finish. It is recommended that customers plan ahead when ordering Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks and allow at least 8-10 weeks for production. Once complete, delivery can be expected within 1-2 weeks. In some cases, orders may be expedited if desired but this may increase the cost of the order. Depending on the location of the customer, they may also need to allow additional time for shipping and handling.

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If you’re looking to complement Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks products, there are a variety of accessories available. To make sure your ceilings have a polished and professional look, consider adding ceiling trims for framing or accenting the edges. If soundproofing is desired, acoustic baffles or clouds can be installed to break up sound waves and partially block noise from entering or leaving a room. You might also consider adding decorative mouldings & panels to add an extra touch of style. For improved fire rating acoustical sealants can provide added support and protection from potential fire risks. Finally, don’t forget about natural daylighting which helps bring in natural light while reducing heat gains, cooling costs, and electrical lighting needs throughout the day.

Include a section on customer service and support

Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks offers exceptional customer service and support to help its customers understand and use their products. Whether customers are in need of a simple answer or help to troubleshoot more complex issues, the company is dedicated to providing support when it matters most.

The best way to access customer service is through their website which includes a comprehensive FAQ page where customers can find answers to many common questions quickly and easily. Customers can also reach out via email with any specific needs they might have. With timely response times and experienced customer service representatives, Armstrong Ceilings Woods will work hard to ensure that the customer’s questions are addressed appropriately and efficiently.

If a customer needs to return a product, they must first contact customer service either by telephone or email with the purchase details so that an assessment may be made. If the item meets the requirements for return, directions for returning the product will be provided by the customer service representative. Refunds usually take 7-10 business days from return receipt online.

Armstrong Ceilings Woodworks strives make sure its customers receive both excellent products and industry leading customer service experience each and every time they shop with them.

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