Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling


The Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling is designed to provide any room of your house with a distinct and timeless look. This unique grille ceiling features intricate wood pieces that are crafted from real solid wood and can be finished in any color you desire, including stains, paints, or custom finishes. The horizontal panels that fit together within the design are an elegant way to renew any home’s existing look. Its attractive aesthetic adds an air of sophistication to any room, making it ideal for both commercial and residential spaces.

This product is incredibly durable and easy to maintain ” as all you need to do is wipe it down every now and then with warm water. Not only does this product add style to a space but also sound absorption, allowing you to create a peaceful environment throughout the entire home or business. Another great feature of this grille ceiling is that it offers LED light fixtures in the middle of it which not only provides beautiful lighting but will also cut energy costs significantly.


The Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling is a unique suspended ceiling design made from quality wood. Its customizable features include finely milled solid wood elements connected with a spring-tensioned steel backing grid system that can accommodate any ceiling shape and size. The finish is offered in light, dark, and various shades of stain to create an elegant yet modern look. The grille design allows for individual panels that easily fit together for an infinite number of layouts and configurations to match any aesthetic or function requirement. The product comes with a variety of mounting options to make it easy to install in almost any ceiling space, including flush mount or with existing structure or battens. Additionally, the product is environment-friendly and fully recyclable, making it eco-friendly and economically attractive for architects and designers alike.

Installation Benefits

The Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling allows for remarkably simple and efficient installation. The tiles are designed to snap into place, meaning there’s no need for complicated adhesives or tools. Using a few commonly available wood screws, customers can ensure that their grille ceilings are properly secured in any indoor environment.

The ease of installation makes the product ideal for DIY projects or even larger renovation jobs. Installation typically takes less than one hour per 100 sq. ft., which can save time and money when compared to other types of ceiling material.

American Woodworking Institute Standards

When installing the Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling the main measure needed is getting all the tiles laid out before securing them in place, making sure they fit snugly with no space between them. This ensures a uniformly attractive finished product once all of the tiles are snapped into place. A proper installation also relies on using quality hardware such as stainless steel screw cap nuts which don’t require constant attention for potential rust issues down the line. Taking time and care on each step will produce an appealing, durable end result that’ll last you for years to come!

Case Studies

Case Study 1 ” Swan Enterprises

Swan Enterprises was looking for a way to update the look of their office lobby and reception area. They decided on the Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling. After installation, the unique grille pattern created an inviting atmosphere for their guests and conveyed a luxurious feel throughout the lobby.

Case Study 2 ” Nash Labourer Law Group

Nash Labourer Law Group needed to update the ambience of their workspace in order to create a professional atmosphere that would reflect their brand. They chose Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling as a simple solution to help them achieve this goal. The grille ceiling diffuse the office lighting trends, while also conveying an elegant and modern look to those visiting their offices.

Case Study 3 – Art House Civic Centre

The Art House Civic Centre was in need of a makeover that would transition it from public centre into an artists oasis. To do this they opted for Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceilings which allowed them to show off the intricate patterns while also delivering flexibility when it comes to lighting and sound proofing.


The Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. It brings a beautiful and durable look to any office, commercial establishment, or home. This product is an acoustic panel that has a grid-like pattern of pressure veneer, allowing sound to be absorbed without compromising the aesthetic qualities of the room. Additionally, its slim profile allows more space and flexibility in planning design layouts.

This panels can be installed in various places such as hallways, classrooms, lobbies, living rooms and it’s great for acoustical treatments, like in auditoriums or recording studios. Furthermore, this ceiling provides exceptional performance when used to address HVAC needs in areas such as basements or apartments. Since it has high corrosion-resistance properties, it’s also suitable for wet conditions and humid atmospheres where rust is common. All these characteristics make this grille ceiling as ideal option for architects or other interior designs looking for sustainable building materials.

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The Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling is easy to clean and maintain. In order to keep your ceiling looking its best, here are a few suggested maintenance techniques:

• For everyday cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth or dust mop with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface of the grille.

• To prevent rusting, wipe down your ceiling regularly. This helps to remove any salt and moisture that might be present in the air, which can cause rust to form over time.

• If you do notice rust beginning to accumulate on the ceiling, it’s important to address it immediately. You can purchase rust remover specially formulated for metal surfaces and apply it directly onto the affected area before wiping away with a cloth or sponge.

• You may also want to seal your ceiling with a clear sealant every few years in order to provide additional protection against corrosion and discolouration caused by humidity or UV exposure.


The Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling is a revolutionary product designed to make achieving that perfect ceiling look easier than ever. Available in a variety of designs, colors, and materials, the Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing and timeless look for your home. The grille design also provides superior sound insulation and noise reduction, making it ideal for any environment. By incorporating a unique air flow pattern, it helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while providing energy efficiency benefits. With its simple installation process, the Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling can be installed swiftly and easily by homeowners or professional contractors alike. For those looking to transform the look and feel of their home with an attractive ceiling covering, the Armstrong Woodworks Grille Ceiling is the ideal choice – offering both form and function as well as superior durability. Be sure to visit the product page to learn more about this amazing product!

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