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Ben Napier is an American woodworker, welder, designer, and television host of the hit show Ben Napier Woodworking on HGTV. On the show he visits his hometown and other small towns to help build unique structures out of salvaged wood from local homes, barns, and other buildings. He emphasizes the value of preserving old craftsmanship and sharing knowledge with generations to come.

Napier believes in low-cost construction methods that are environmentally friendly and that honor traditional craftsmanship over machine production. He is passionate about passing down his highly skilled craftmanship to future generations. The show serves as an inspiration to millions of viewers on the importance of preserving history through woodworking while honoring fellow craftspeople who continue to keep a tradition alive in our modern world. Ben has even been featured in Southern Living Magazine as a leading expert in woodworking using reclaimed materials sourced from old houses. He uses these materials to construct stunning custom furniture pieces, as well as striking home renovations.

The goal of the Ben Napier Woodworking Show is not only to showcase Ben’s projects but also promote the importance of sustainability in woods usage. It also serves as a platform for talented up-and-coming craftsmen across America who are working hard at keeping high quality carpentry skills alive by carefully restoring unique pieces from days gone by. By looking out for hidden gems from days gone by, this ensures continued success for their craft long into the future – something Ben considers crucial for maintaining tradition for kids today and generations alike.

Story Behind the Show

Ben Napier Woodworking Show is a DIY show hosted by Ben Napier, an American woodworker and TV presenter based in Scotland. Ben gained his expertise in his hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, building furniture from reclaimed lumber with his grandfather. His passion for woodworking eventually led him to move to the United Kingdom where he expanded on his knowledge and developed a love for traditional furniture making techniques.

Throughout the years, Ben has gained experience working for an architect apprenticeship and for a furniture designer in Savannah, GA, before finally moving to the UK in 2007. Since then, he has set up shop as a woodworker and started offering classes, as well as creating pieces for private clients. He also worked as a freelance design consultant for television networks like The British Broadcasting Corporation and National Geographic Channel.

In 2018 Ben partnered with Discovery Network’s DIY Network to develop a series called Home Town—a spin-off show focused on Ben’s home life centered around his craftsmanship—which first aired in January 2019. Later that year, they collaborated once more to create Ben Napier Woodworking Show which premiered its first season in October 2019. The show follows the daily lives of Ben and wife Erin Napier as they transform shabby spaces into beautiful workspaces using reclaimed materials while preserving local history. It features projects such as restoring antique trunks, refinishing slate pool tables, developing custom workspaces, and transforming old sleigh beds into stylish doors or headboards – just to name some — always adding unique touches along the way! Followers’ enthusiasm for their work has resulted in multiple seasons of this successful show – providing viewers with valuable insights into their methods and inspiring budding woodworkers to pursue their dreams!

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Unique Projects

Ben Napier Woodworking is a show on the Home and Garden Television Network that airs each week. The show focuses around Ben, who works with his wife, Erin, to deliver custom home projects for clients. With years of experience in carpentry and design, Ben brings together old-world craftsmanship and modern technology to bring long-lasting projects to life. Every project featured on Ben Napier Woodworking has its own unique style and purpose, from fireplace mantels and built-in benches to stained glass windows and handmade furniture. Many of the projects are dedicated to preserving the history of Winchester, Tennessee where Ben and Erin are based. A majority of their projects require the time-honored skill of handcrafted joinery, which allows them to achieve detailed results and intricate designs that adhere to their client’s needs. As they eliminate surprises and provide precise measurements, Ben works hard to turn complex problems into accessible solutions while teaching viewers building techniques along the way. Whether it’s an outdoor gazebo or dining table set near a lake, each project helps strengthen relationships between people by creating spaces where friends can gather.

Interviews With Experts

The Ben Napier Woodworking Show is a destination for anyone curious about the craft of woodworking. Through interviews with industry experts, viewers get to witness firsthand the unique journey that each one has taken in becoming a world-renowned professional. From seasoned professionals to apprentices just starting on their path, these conversations provide valuable information and lessons for anyone wanting to learn more about the industry. On Ben Napier’s show, viewers experience any topics from product reviews and advice, construction methods, tooling techniques, and design inspiration. In addition to invaluable tips from experienced woodworkers, audience members gain deep insight into working with different types of woods, striations and textures found in lumber products, as well as joinery methods and finishing processes like staining or brushing. There are also captivating stories that explore exciting projects undertaken by master craftsmen. Whether you’re a beginning do-it-yourselfer or a professional craftsman, this series provides an engaging narrative for all those interested in learning more about the craft of woodworking.

Tips & Tricks

The Ben Napier Woodworking Show offers an array of tips and tricks to help beginners and experienced woodworkers alike. Whether you’re looking to build a new project from scratch or simply refresh an old one, these quick and easy tips can help get the job done more efficiently. Those with less experience building furniture will find useful advice on the basics such as surface preparation, wood selection, and measurements/measuring techniques. More advanced woodworkers can learn tips on using specialized power tools like biscuit joiners, routers, saws, and miter gauges. There are also special techniques covered like mortise-and-tenon jointing and dovetail joints that add a unique flair to any piece crafted from the show. With these strategies in place, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with the projects featured on the show!

Behind the Scenes

The Ben Napier Woodworking Show is a fantastic opportunity to gain some insight into how woodworking projects are completed. The show covers many topics, including the tools and techniques used to produce the finished product. It also looks at the importance of safety when working with wood.

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Viewers will have the chance to look “behind the scenes” at Ben’s workshop and get an in-depth look at different hand tools, types of adhesives, woodcutting equipment, and general woodworking tips. The show also covers discussions around safety matters such as protective gear and procedures that should be followed when using saws or sanders. In addition, it emphasizes how correct preparation is key in achieving strong joints in carpentry projects — such as notching corners for furniture building — and talks about various finishing techniques that can give pieces a polished look.

Overall, people interested in learning more about woodworking will find this program insightful and informative. With Ben Napier teaching viewers every step of his workshop process, from conception of ideas to finishing touches on products, it’s easy to become well versed in the art of woodworking

What to Exppect

The Ben Napier Woodworking Show is an exciting new television series hosted by renowned woodworkers, Ben and Erin Napier. On the show, viewers can expect to see all sorts of amazing woodworking creations, both large and small. Everything from tables and chairs to intricately carved furniture will be featured. In addition to these projects, the Napiers will demonstrate their expertise in restoring old furniture, provide tips for do-it-yourselfers, and comedy from their dynamic duo personalities. Furthermore, viewers can look forward to sneak peeks of upcoming episodes and other events as well as links to resources for them to find out more information about the work being showcased on the show. So for anyone interested in woodworking or just looking for some fun entertainment make sure to tune into The Ben Napier Woodworking Show!


The Ben Napier Woodworking Show is a great way to get a unique look inside the vibrant and ever-evolving world of woodworking. Led by Ben Napier and his team of artisans, the show provides viewers with an engaging, upbeat snapshot into the passion and craftsmanship behind custom woodworking. The show also features helpful how-to tutorials for any level woodworker, from beginner to expert. For those looking to add some home décor flair to their space – or just brush up on their skills – this show is certainly worth tuning in to.

Above all, the Ben Napier Woodworking Show highlights the immense potential that comes with creating something beautiful out of natural materials. This concept is embedded in every episode where quality craftsmanship is prioritized above all else—providing an inspiring reminder that nothing great can be accomplished without hard work and dedication. If you find yourself captivated by Ben’s enthusiasm then why not join his awesome community? There are so many ways to stay engaged with other fans including broadcast videos, podcasts, social media contests and more. So if you’re interested in learning more about woodworking, this show is certainly worth your time!

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