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Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing quality cabinets and other custom woodwork for over 20 years. They have an impressive reputation for handcrafting beautiful furniture, cabinets, and shelving with their skillful attention to detail. All of their products are designed to be both durable and stylish, featuring only the highest-quality materials available. They offer a wide range of design options including custom woods, stains, glazes and finishes to ensure your interior will look its very best. Not only can they create custom designs for homes or businesses of any size but they also specialize in hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany and oak. Furthermore, Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga provides free assistance with their customers’ projects from start to finish – offering everything from design consultation all the way through to delivery and installation. These services combined with their commitment to craftsmanship have enabled them to build an unparalleled level of trust amongst its loyal customers.

Quality Craftsmanship, Dedication to Quality Materials

Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga is a top-tier provider of a wide range of custom and ready-made kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets. The focus here is on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and dedication to the use of quality materials – all aimed at delivering an attractive product that can add beauty and functionality to your home. Their experts specialize in designing custom cabinetry, utilizing only the best in hardwoods and laminates to create pieces that are both beautiful and highly durable.

You will find a great selection of high-end products from leading manufacturers like Kraftmaid, Wellborn Cabinets, Marsh Furniture Company, Somerset Hardwood Flooring and many others. You are not limited to just stock options either – with Cabinets & Woodworks you have the ability to design something truly unique based upon your own individual tastes. What’s more, experienced staff members can assist you with selecting finishes that will provide the perfect accent for whatever look you’re aiming for. In addition, it is possible to have some of your existing furniture refinished or restyled by their masterful craftspeople. Cabinets & Woodworks also provides services such as cabinet installation as well as repairs and refinishing as needed. They strive to make sure every customer has an optimal customer experience by delivering great value while providing personalized service every step of the way.

Expertise and Knowledge in Woodworking

The team behind Cabinets and Woodworks in Macon, Georgia is a passionate and knowledgeable group of artisans that specialize in custom cabinetry, furniture pieces, and more. Their award-winning design team puts an emphasis on providing unique, handcrafted products to bring sophistication to any space. With leading technology at their fingertips and innovative design techniques, they aim to bring projects to life with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Cabinets and Woodworks goes the extra mile when it comes to woodworking techniques and construction practices. They carefully select every piece of wood for their projects—working with walnut, oak, hickory, cherrywood, mahogany, and other solid hardwoods to ensure durability as well as beauty when you see your finished product in place. Each skillfully designed structure is lightly sanded before wood stain or glaze is applied by a brush or cloth. Then thefinal sealant is applied carefully by our trained experts for guaranteed performance through wear over time. In addition to providing expert craftsmanship for each project created for their clients, Cabinets and Woodworks also offers added services like professional installation of cabinets and finishes which ensures that each piece fits into place perfectly for a smooth finish that lasts for years.

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Custom-made Solutions for Every Space

Cabinets and Woodworks Macon GA offers customers a variety of options when it comes to custom woodwork, cabinetry, and furniture. Whether you’re looking to remodel a kitchen with the latest design trends or have an idea in mind you’d like to bring to life, they are experienced in delivering unique, made-to-order pieces. From design services and custom furniture orders to refinishing existing pieces, their team of skilled craftsmen is your go-to for all your carpentry needs.

Design Services: Cabinets and Woodworks Macon GA proudly works with professional designers who can bring your vision from concept to reality. They offer free consultations which include a personalized design experience tailored to each individual customer’s specific needs. Through active collaborations with cabinetmakers and other artisans, their team will create a custom plan for achieving your ideal outcome.

Custom Orders: Once the design process is complete, Cabinets and Woodworks Macon GA take on production by creating the actual piece requested. All products are handcrafted by a team of highly qualified professionals using various techniques including dovetail jointing or hardwood edge gluing. Additionally they have access to specialized tools such as router tables and jig saws that help ensure accurate craftsmanship throughout every product build.

Refinishing Existing Pieces: The talented team at Cabinets and Woodworks Macon GA specializes in restoring antiques, period furniture, modern builds, etc; back to its original glory through our refinishing services. With their knowledge on different finishes such as shellac or varnish they guarantee exceptional results. Furthermore they use stain formulas consisting of tung oil or urethane mixture which enhance wood grain while boosting protection against daily wear and tear from spills or humid conditions.

Bringing a Uniquely Macon Touch to Homes

Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga offer homeowners in the area a unique and personalized way to bring their vision of home projects to life. Whether it’s custom cabinetry for a kitchen, new bookcases for the living room, or a customized bar area, Cabinets and Woodworks can build anything that one desires. The company has samples of its past projects to show customers what kind of craftsmanship they can expect. From rustic designs to modern styles, the experts at Cabinets and Woodworks have created pieces that will fit any budget and style preference. Furthermore, if someone prefers a special type of wood or material, they are more than happy to accommodate that request as well. Their wide selection ensures that no matter the look one wants, they’ll be able to create exactly what visions come alive. In addition to creating a wide range of furniture pieces for the home, Cabinets and Woodworks also provide repair services for existing furniture pieces should there be any damage or wear over time. This is especially helpful for ensuring antique wooden furniture remains in great condition over time using the same quality materials from which it was originally constructed. With decades of experience in custom furnishing design, construction, and repairs, Cabinets and Woodworks truly offers homeowners in Macon an all-in-one service tailored specifically towards fellow locals who want to create delightful living spaces around them.

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A Commitment to Conservation and Sustainability

Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga have a commitment to conserving the environment by using sustainable sources of wood from renewable resources. They maintain that all their woodwork is crafted from certified sustainably harvested woods, ranging from oak and walnut to exotic veneers. This commitment has enabled them to provide more than just traditional cabinetry solutions; they also provide innovative eco-friendly custom built furniture. Customers can rest assured that each piece of product is regulated by the US Forest Service and is made with the best materials available. Additionally, Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga give back to the community through several charitable initiatives, including participation in home improvement projects, replanting trees in urban green areas, and recycling used lumber into new products. With a fantastic portfolio of quality workmanship, environmentally friendly materials, and dedicated customer service, they make it easier than ever for people to conserve resources while at the same time creating beautiful living spaces.

Customer Service and Satisfaction Assured

Cabinets and Woodworks of Macon, Ga is the premier woodworking solution for those seeking custom cabinet and furniture installations. With over 25 years of experience creating high quality pieces made from the finest woods and materials, owners Rick and Leslie have developed a strong reputation within their industry. Their team combines extensive training with superior craftsmanship to create stunning pieces that will last you a lifetime. In addition to cabinets and furniture, they offer a variety of services beyond that including designing specialty pieces such as custom kitchen islands, entertainment centers, built-ins, bookcases, mantels and counter tops. Moreover, all of their work is backed by an unconditional guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction for the life of your project. When looking for exceptional quality cabinetry work for your upcoming project – look no further than Cabinets and Woodworks!


Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga is a local business that offers high-quality woodworking services to the Macon, GA area. With product design and installation services, they can handle all your woodworking needs. From custom cabinetry to shelves and countertops, Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga is your one stop shop for crafting beautiful pieces made from premium materials. Their decades of experience creating functional storage solutions ensures you get exactly what you need for a space that adequately meets your needs. As any avid home decor enthusiast knows, elegant wooden furniture has timeless appeal that allows it to be enjoyed for years to come. Investing in quality craftsmanship from Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga ensures that you’re able to truly appreciate their creations for many years to come. Plus, with the vast selection of customization designs available, your chosen piece from Cabinets and Woodworks Macon Ga will perfectly fit the look of your home or workplace while also being constructed with durable materials to last well into future generations.

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