Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets Reviews


Eastman Street Woodworks is a family-run business that has been crafting custom cabinetry for over 50 years in the same small shop nestled along the edge of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, USA. Founded by James Eastman, who had a passion for carpentry and a strong work ethic, this company prides itself on their traditionally-crafted cabinets. All cabinets are built using solid woods like Maple and Oak and are available in various stains, glazes and finishes to fit your design needs. They take great pride in the quality of their products and know that you will appreciate it too when it comes to your remodeling project. Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets has received outstanding reviews from satisfied customers throughout the years. Their commitment to delivering high-quality cabinets along with expert craftsmanship has earned them a five-star rating from many past clients. The team’s attention to detail in each piece makes you feel confident knowing that your new cabinetry creations will last for years to come!

Overview of Cabinet Features and Benefits

Features of Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets:

• Constructed from solid hardwood with a distinct finish – Eastman Street Woodworks cabinets are crafted from select, high-grade hardwoods like cherry and walnut that feature a unique distressed finish to enhance the look and feel of each piece.

• Available in custom sizes – Each cabinet is created according to an individual’s desired size and shape so every room will be uniquely designed.
• Soft-close hinges – All Eastman Street Woodworks cabinets come equipped with soft-close hinges for silent closing doors that won’t slam shut.
• Full extension drawers – Each drawer slides out completely for easy access to the rear compartment and full view of the interior.
• Adjustable shelf system – Shelves can instantly be adjusted up or down within the cabinet’s framework so items in varying heights can fit within the same space.

Benefits of Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets:
• Classic design – These exquisite woods and classic finishes will add timeless style that never goes out of fashion.
• Durability for lasting use – High quality materials guarantee exceptional durability which allows it to stand up to daily wear and tear while staying beautiful for many years.
• Easy storage solutions – With adjustable shelf systems and full extension drawers, your storage needs are met without sacrificing any space or functionality.
• Convenience – With smooth hinges, drawers that slide open easily, and shelves that can be moved quickly, you’re provided with immediate convenience in every space.

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Overview of Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased cabinets from Eastman Street Woodworks are generally impressed with the high quality of their product. Many customers find that their cabinets are both attractive and built to last. They comment that the craftsmanship of Eastman Street Woodworks is some of the highest they have seen, with cabinets appearing nicely constructed and finished. Customers also remark that the customer service is friendly and polite, with fast delivery times and easy ordering systems. They frequently take advantage of custom orders if needed for specific sizes or features, noting that all requests were handled promptly and professionally. In addition, same day shipping is often an option for those who need it in a hurry. Overall, customers seem consistently pleased with their purchases from Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets.

Positive Reviews

Many customers have given positive reviews for Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets. Customers cite the quality of the cabinetry as unparalleled in its beauty and craftsmanship, saying each piece is built with an attention to detail that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Customers rave about how user-friendly the cabinet design is, making it easy to organize items in the kitchen or garage. They also commend Eastman Street for the competitive pricing plans and incredibly fast delivery time – many customers report receiving their orders just days after placing them. In particular, customers emphasize how kind and personable the customer service team is, from providing helpful advice on selecting a cabinet style, color or size all the way through installation. The team’s dedication to finding solutions tailored to meet customer needs also stands out as a positive experience among shoppers who have used Eastman Street Woodworks.

Negative Reviews

One common critique of Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets is that they are expensive. Many customers report that the price is far too high for what they receive, especially compared to other cabinet companies and their prices. Additionally, customers have noted that their customer service is lacking. People have described slow response times from Eastman Street Woodworks’ support team as well as a generally unhelpful attitude from the representatives they have interacted with. In addition, there are several reports about delays in delivery time and shoddy workmanship where some of the cabinets looked uneven or unfinished upon arrival. Finally, there have been complaints about installation problems such as boxes missing pieces, instructions not being clear enough, and difficulty getting all parts to fit together properly. Overall, it seems that Eastman Street Woodworks needs to improve its pricing structure and customer service in order to score better reviews from clients.

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Comparison to Competitors

Comparing Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets to other cabinet makers reveals a number of advantages. Firstly, the quality of their cabinets is superior thanks to the use of high-quality wood that is selected with an eye for craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece meets their exacting standards. The cabinets are designed with precision to produce a stunning finish and classic look that won’t age over time. Additionally, Eastman Street Woodworks starts with a solid foundation, using traditional joinery methods to create dovetail joints and detailed moldings on drawers and doors that give their cabinets an artisanal touch. Their finishes are made by hand in small batches, allowing customers to choose from a wide selection of colors and textures, guaranteeing a unique and beautiful finish. Additionally, they offer custom doors in various styles so you can match the cabinets with your own unique vision.


The overall consensus of Eastman Street Woodworks Cabinets reviews is that customers are very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of these cabinets. Most mention that they are easy to assemble, while others appreciate the value and look of their cabinets. Customer complaints were few and far between in the reviews, however a handful mentioned having difficulty with the construction process or installing certain cabinets not fitting correctly despite measuring several times prior to purchase. Overall, Eastman Street Woodworks boasts some of the best cabinets available on the market today and they are sure to be an excellent addition to any living space. For those who may be apprehensive about purchasing such highly sought after products online, it’s reassuring that many have had positive experiences doing so with this company. We highly recommend Eastman Street Woodworks for anyone looking for great quality cabinetry at an affordable price.

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