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Added emphasis on sustainability/locally sourced materials

At Oliver Woodworks, we take sustainability seriously. We are committed to using locally sourced materials in all of our woodworking projects. Whenever possible, we purchase wood products such as lumber and other materials from local suppliers that have achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This not only allows us to support our local community, but also ensures that the lumber used in our projects has been responsibly harvested and processed with minimal environmental impact. Additionally, we ensure that any scrap material generated in the course of a project is recycled or reused whenever possible. Finally, our team utilizes safe and efficient construction methods to reduce waste and optimize every project for long-term performance. We strive to make every one of our products environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible.

Varying styles/modern options available

At Oliver Woodworks, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of wood products. Our woodworking craftsmen use only the highest quality materials to craft beautiful and long-lasting pieces that can be customized to your specific needs and style. We provide a large array of styles, ranging from classic traditional designs to modern contemporary options, making us a go-to source for all kinds of woodwork needs. We specialize in custom furniture but also offer other services such as cabinetry making, refurbishment, and light carpentry ” no job is too big or small! We are committed to providing an excellent level of customer service and workmanship with every project we undertake. So whether you’re looking for one-on-one consultation or just need some help finding the perfect product for your home or office, our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you. With Oliver Woodworks, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality products with exceptional value!

Showcase a piece of Oliver Woodwork’s furniture

This is an unfinished piece of solid oak furniture from Oliver Woodworks. It is unpainted and unstained, with all its natural grooves and textured wood grain still visible. Its unique shape allows it to easily fit into any home décor.

This is the same piece of furniture from Oliver Woodworks now perfectly finished in a warm medium brown color. The natural variations in the wood grain can be seen in the stain while giving a more unified look to the overall design. Its sharp lines create an eye-catching emphasis that adds elegance to any room’s decor.

Holistic review of the Oliver Woodworks experience

Oliver Woodworks is a family-owned woodworking shop that offers custom wood pieces for furniture, cabinetry, and more. The staff at Oliver Woodworks is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

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Customers who have worked with Oliver Woodworks are consistently delighted by the end result. They’re amazed by the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality of the products they receive from the shop. Customers all comment on their satisfaction with how their pieces are built to last and designed to fit perfectly in their space. Furthermore, customers are also pleased with how much creativity and flexibility they’re allowed when discussing projects with Oliver Woodwork’s team, who always take customer ideas into consideration while proposing solutions which create an exceptional final outcome. Additionally, orders arrive much faster than expected and installation was seamless when requested. After experiencing the end product, customers continue to come back to Oliver Woodworks for more of their custom works needs since they know it will be done right each time.

Benefits for the customer

Oliver Woodworks offers its customers many benefits, such as affordability and longevity. Unlike other woodworking companies that may use cheaper materials and short-term fix solutions which can lead to costly repairs and replacements down the line, Oliver Woodworks takes the time to craft their pieces using high-quality materials that are built to last. Customers can trust that they are getting a piece of furniture they will enjoy for years without having the worry of dealing with repairs or maintenance on the product. Moreover, Oliver Woodworks offers competitive pricing to ensure that customers receive quality furniture at affordable prices, so everyone can find something suitable for their budget. Customer satisfaction is always a priority for them, so they strive to provide excellent customer service throughout every step of the process from selection and ordering to delivery.

Unique aspects of the Oliver family’s process

The Oliver family has always been passionate about building furniture and they believe that part of this passion includes reducing their environmental impact. Therefore, they have adopted a unique approach to their process in order to reuse scrap materials, reduce the amount of waste generated, and upcycle the materials into something new. Before starting any project, the team assesses what pieces of wood can be salvaged from their scrap pile, which is sourced from various outlets including nearby sawmills, woodworking shops and industries. The salvaged wood is sorted for suitability such as grain type and hardness; then cleaned before being used in projects or stored for future use. What cannot be used is cut into smaller lengths for easy burning for heat or fuel in winter months. Rather than buying new tools every time a project begins, the team ensures that all tools are thoroughly maintained through regular servicing, sharpening and repair when needed. This means not only less replacement costs but also lesser pollution due to fewer new tools created. Additionally, Oliver Woodworks often incorporates recycled elements into their designs such as reclaimed metals and wooden accents made from tree stumps. Reusing raw materials whenever possible while still creating one-of-a-kind pieces allows them to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle while taking pride in seeing each piece come to life.

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Incorporating video content

Oliver Woodworks is dedicated to providing the highest quality wooden furniture for our customers. To enhance the customer experience, we are incorporating video content as part of our marketing strategy. Our videos will feature how-to guides for assembling their newly purchased furniture, as well as interviews with individual woodworkers showcasing their skills and one-of-a-kind handmade creations. We will use this video content to document the entire Oliver Woodworks experience from start to finish, from choosing the perfect piece of furniture to the craftsmanship and skill going into making it. We want our customers to appreciate the amount of time and care taken by each of our artisans and to truly see why having a piece of Oliver Woodworks furniture in their home is a special thing. This video content will be made available on social media, YouTube and also included with purchases so that every customer can have an insight into what makes us different.

Adding “About Us” section

At Oliver Woodworks, we know our clients deserve nothing less than the best craftsmanship for their unique projects. Since our family business was founded in 1975 by Bob and Robin Oliver, we have been dedicated to providing quality woodworking products, services, and designs with a passion for excellence that is unmatched in the industry.

In addition to Bob and Robin, our team is comprised of skilled employees who share the same enthusiasm for quality and results that our valued customers expect. Our team consists of highly trained artisans who have years of experience working with western red cedar lumber; computer draftspeople who use sophisticated software to design everything from furniture to cabinetry; and certified field installers who are experts in their tradecraft. We also employ experienced consultants who help our customers create customized solutions that strengthen their competitive edge and bring their dreams to life.

The overriding culture we strive for at Oliver Woodworks is one of respect amongst ourselves so that everyone is free to innovate and contribute towards making each project better than ever before. We believe this not only fuels superior product development but also improves customer satisfaction overall. With decades of experience under our belt, we can proudly state that Oliver Woodworks delivers on its promise”value without compromise!

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