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Woodworks Harrison Ny is the leader when it comes to custom woodworking projects. From kitchen cabinets to tables, our skilled staff will craft the perfect piece for you based on your individual needs and wants. Our commitment to quality ensures that every piece of furniture we make looks its best and lasts for decades to come. With a wide range of materials available, it’s easy to find the perfect look for any room in your home. Whether you want something classic or modern, warm or cool, we can help you design the right piece to fit your style. Beyond furniture, our team also specializes in creating custom furnishings such as shelves and bookcases, entertainment centers, benches and much more! And with our selection of specialty finishes and painting techniques, you can even add a unique touch to enhance make any project a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We look forward to bringing out the best in your home from start to finish ” so contact us today for all of your custom woodworking needs!

About the Founders and Creators of Woodworks Harrison Ny

Woodworks Harrison Ny is a family-owned business that was founded by husband and wife team, Mark and Maryanne Geurts. Both of them are woodworkers and craftsmen who have a deep passion for handcrafted furniture. After years of practice, they decided it was time to open their own store.

The Geurts’ skill in working with wood has been passed down from generations prior, which gave them the necessary experience to create beautiful pieces of art for the home or office. Their mission is to create high-quality furniture that will last for years – furniture made from hardwood materials that can withstand the test of time. They also offer custom designs to suit each customer’s needs, giving every piece its own unique feel.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the field, Woodworks Harrison Ny specializes in providing quality craftsmanship products while using sustainable practices and materials that are sourced from local vendors as much as possible. The Geurts’ are committed to preserving the planet and always work to be as environmentally friendly as possible during every single step in their process. To add even more value for their customers, Woodworks Harrison Ny offers only fair trade products so customers can be sure purchases do not support businesses that take advantage of artisans or laborers around the world.

The Evolution of Woodworks Harrison Ny

Woodworks Harrison Ny is one of the historic furniture stores in New York State. Originally founded in 1872, it has stood the test of time and continuously offers high-quality custom crafted furniture to their loyal customers over generations. The business began when three brothers, Fred, Joe, and Henry Harrison moved from Ohio to Brighton and set up shop in a small building near the harbor. They began by making stools, bookcases and other basic wood products, mostly from local hardwoods such as white oak, ash, and cherry.

As the business grew more prosperous, it eventually moved to 684 South Clinton Avenue in 1935 where it became known as Woodworks Harrison. Over the following decades, the family-run store developed a reputation for timeless craftsmanship with careful attention to detail. The Harrison brothers handed down their knowledge of woodworking through an apprenticeship program based on traditional methods with modern tools.

With the introduction of new technology over time, Woodworks Harrison evolved with the times while never losing sight of its core values and commitment to quality furniture production that had made it successful for so many years. Today, even though their sons have taken over much of the operations and streamlined them for modern efficiency processes, they still use techniques that rely on dedication rather than machinery to optimize every piece that comes out of their workshop for quality and precision best practices. The result is true artisanship that stands out far above other furniture makers in New York State”or anywhere else!

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The Skilled Team at Woodworks Harrison Ny

Woodworks Harrison, NY is a highly skilled and experienced team of woodworkers who specialize in the crafting of custom-made furniture, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects. Their years of combined experience has given them the expertise to design and create beautiful pieces of furniture from a variety of woods. Whether you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or commercial space, or need something for your business needs, Woodworks Harrison can provide you with top-quality custom furniture that will stand the test of time and last for years to come.

In addition to their professionalism and skill in creating quality woodworks pieces, Woodworks Harrison also has an impressive production facility where they have invested in modern tools and materials that allow them to work quickly while still being able to produce amazing results. Their high standards of craftsmanship ensure each item they create is exactly what their customers wanted, crafted with the highest degree of precision and using only the best materials available. As such, each project they take on is made with an eye towards longevity; always striving for perfection in every piece they make.

The team at Woodworks Harrison not only put meticulous attention into each piece but also offers helpful advice for those curious as to how best care for their new item! They also offer maintenance services long after a piece has been purchased in order to keep it looking like new throughout its lifetime. In short, whether you’re looking for custom-built furniture or cabinetry, restoration or remodeling services, Woodworks Harrison has you covered!

Creating Custom Furniture and Beyond at Woodworks Harrison Ny

Woodworks Harrison Ny is the premier destination for custom furniture and other unique woodworking projects. Located in Harrison, New York, this locally owned shop is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to create something truly special from the highest quality materials. Woodworkers are passionate about their craft and hand select only the best hardwoods from around the world, with exotic species like teak, rosewood, ebony and more available. Using classic joinery techniques and traditional methods of construction that have been passed down through the generations, Woodworks ensures incomparable levels of quality and durability. From creating finely crafted furniture to designing custom cabinets or dreamy millwork details like a stone mantelpiece or an ornate stair banister ” no project is too small or too large. In addition to these services they also offer home consultation appointments where they will provide design advice on any interior renovation project you’re considering. Warranted by experts with decades of experience in carpentry and woodworking, you can be sure that each project at Woodworks Harrison Ny will meet your highest standards of quality and aesthetic beauty.

Working With Woodworks Harrison Ny in the Design-Build Process

Woodworks Harrison Ny is a leading design-build firm located in Harrison, New York. Founded in 1965, Woodworks has since become a premier destination for those who want quality woodwork and bespoke designs. With their team of experienced architects, carpenters, landscapers, and stone masons ” they have developed an extensive portfolio that breathes life into each unique project they undertake.

In the design-build process with Woodworks Harrison Ny, clients are offered a number of services to choose from depending upon their individual needs. These services span from full renovations on existing structures to complete design and build services for new constructions. In all cases, the goal for Woodworks Harrison is to create a space that uniquely reflects the individual vision of the customer with materials that are both high-end and sustainable. With options such as reclaimed woods and energy-efficient systems incorporated into each project ” Woodworks provides superior value to their customers while also striving towards environmental sustainability. In addition to offering full architectural and cabinetry services ” Woodworks Harrison excels at custom solutions by importing exotic hardwoods sourced from around the world while also incorporating local artisans whenever possible. All projects also undergo thorough testing along with detailed 3D modeling before getting building approval ” allowing them to provide optimal results while minimizing costly mistakes throughout the course of construction.

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The Woodworking and Design Experience of Woodworks Harrison Ny

Woodworks Harrison Ny offers a unique experience for woodworking enthusiasts. From custom furniture pieces to intricate carvings and sculptures, Woodworks Harrison Ny have everything you need to create stunning projects. Their shop not only offers an array of materials, supplies, and tools but their dedicated staff also provides expert advice, instruction and guidance in the art of woodworking. Here, visitors can learn techniques such as lamination, joinery and hand carving while making beautiful wooden objects with their own hands. In addition to supplying quality hardwoods, they also offer veneers, plywood and sheet goods along with specialized equipment rentals such as lathes and band saws. With a variety of classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions available at all levels of skill, Woodworks Harrison Ny makes woodworking accessible for everyone from novice beginners to experienced professionals. Whether you’re looking for affordable materials or finely crafted works of art that you create yourself, the friendly staff at Woodworks Harrison Ny will make sure your experience is unforgettable!

The Unique Furniture Pieces Offered at Woodworks Harrison Ny

Woodworks Harrison Ny offers an array of unique and high-quality furniture pieces crafted by their artisans. They use a variety of materials, including solid oak, pine and mahogany woods, to create tables, chairs, desks, bookshelves and other home furniture items. Aside from the traditional forms offered in their collection, they also specialize in customized designs that feature intricate carvings in bold shapes and innovative compositions. Customers have the option to choose from a wide range of finishes, ranging from rustic to modern. All the pieces are carefully assembled and polished with expensive eco-friendly varnish for a long-lasting finish. Regardless of the size of your home or budget, Woodworks Harrison Ny is sure to have something that will both cater to your needs and add beauty and charm to your abode.


Choosing Woodworks Harrison Ny for your custom woodworking projects is a sure way to ensure you will be satisfied with the end result. From start to finish, their team of professionals has years of experience in designing and creating luxury pieces that meet your exact specification. Their main priority is always quality, paying close attention to detail and giving you an end product that exceeds your expectations. They have an extensive selection of materials, transforming even the most challenging projects into one-of-a-kind pieces. Plus, they only use products made with eco-friendly materials such as certified reclaimed lumber and water based finishes that are safe for indoor home use. With all these benefits, Woodworks Harrison Ny should always be the first choice for any project.

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